Access Internal SATA drive

Volumio 3 Issues?

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l am running Version is 3.396. l have Gigabyte Brix 5105 ,with Volumio installed on it’s internal NVM drive, to access music l use local files via USB using a SSD Drive. Everything works fine.

ln an experiment, l connected my NTSF 8tb drive directly to my spare SATA on my Gigabyte Brix, but for some reason, Volumio doesn’t see the drive,or music stored on it. The strange thing, Volumio is seeing the drive, as it there is a option to install Volumio to the drive!
ls this a limitation of Volumio? Not being able to add music from an internal, additional drive?

8TB, is this a 2.5" or 3,5" disk, if the latter, who’s powering it?

lt’s a Samsung 870EVO 8tb SSD drive 2.5., powered by the PC.
The NVM M.2 Drive has Volumio OS on it, l simply want to plug the 8tb SSD into my additional internal SATA port on the PC ,and use this method to access music, if it’s possibly

Re-label the ntfs drive to “ihdd” or “issd”.

l presume l can just rename the drive in Windows OS, and then Volumio will see it?


Excellent…l’ll report back…thanks you so much!

I wish Volumio would be changed in such a way, that it lists all available drives and the user selects the disk(s)/ partition(s) to scan for music.
Similar to the way the user now selects a network folder form a NAS.

I totally agree, being that ll only play local files, l was forced down the USB route, l interested to to hear a audio differences.

l will report back

l won’t be able to test until weekend. But in regards to Volumio 3 not seeing all internal drives unless named, is there anywhere we could suggest this in a future update?

Yrs, under topic “feature request”

Update changing the name of my ssd too ‘ihdd’ worked! Excellent.
l can now report that access is faster than via USB, and sound flows better. However l run My SSD externally, and independently powered, but compared to the USB method the SATA has more insight.

l am still living with the stutters while searching for another file whilst playing music, this seems to be a software thing. Or possibly Volumio is giving full priority to the sound,over file searches.

Thanks again!