Youtube Music and Touch Screen Plugin issue Displaying Album Art


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.429
Hardware: Pi 3+
DAC: Boss 1.2 (1.7)

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Play a song on youtube music plugin from the touch screen

Additional Information

YouTube Plugin 0.1.8
Touch Screen Plugin 3.3.5

When playing any music from Youtube music plugin the touch screen displays a broken icon where the album art should be. This is only in the youtube plugin. Internal music and radio display fine.

Youtube music displays fine in the webui.

@Larry_Westfall did you already try to update to a newer version?

YouTube Music is on Version 0.2.1


Youtube2 Plugin is on Version 1.0.1


Youtube Cast Plugin is on Version 0.1.3

Same issue on v0.2.1. Web interface displays Album Art, Touch screen has a broken icon where the art should be.

did you try a clean install of everything?

please post a log so we could look in to it

I figured it out. I had to set the touch screen setting to 128MB. I think I’ll move up to a Pi4.

nice to hear that you found it :slight_smile:

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Hmm there are still issues in the Touch display.

  1. I spun up a RPI-4 but the touch plugin is limited to 128MB and there was random failures that “seemed” related to resolution.
  2. I turned off the memory management in the Tough Plugin
  3. A few reboots later it works on all of the images that had failed to load before.
  4. I cycled through about 20 random albums with no issues displaying on the touch screen.

the pi 4 should have no problems i will ask if @gvolt understands what’s happing touch display plugin
is made by him.
if you could give him al the info of your screen incl. version or links to it / pi version / version volumio

it could be that the screen settings are wrong but if he has the time he will try to help you.