YouTube Music and Apple Music

Dear Everyeone,

May I know how can I add YouTube Music and Apple Music in my Volumio Virtuoso.

Thank you,

You can’t add ‘Apple Music’, because Apple unfortunately does not provide an API for Volumio to use. Have a look at the following thread suggesting it, and the constant replies that, as of today, it can’t be done.

There is a YouTube plugin in the Volumio Plugins Collection, but I have no idea if this includes ‘YouTube Music.’ Have a look at the plugin discussion at [PLUGIN] YouTube2 .

My Volumio does not show as an option in Airplay when I play Apple Music on my phone :persevere: it did for Spotify and Tidal.
Wait it does not. I don’t have Tidal anymore, but Spotify should work? What am I missing? I actually used WiFi with Tidal, not BT/Airplay…
I am confused LOL!

LATER: sorry, I now installed the plug-on for Spotify, but can’t remember doing that for Tidal?