Apple Music support?

Apple provides an API now for an Apple Music web player. You can see one in action here:

Could this possibly be used in a plugin?


When will Apple Music integration be available?


As others have said, PLEASE bring Apple Music support


Is there a mechanism we can use to fund this feature, specifically? I have been a part of other projects that have a mechanism for contributing a “bounty” for a specific feature like this. I have a large investment in Apple Music as my streaming platform, and this is the most important missing Volumio feature for me.


The API provided by Apple only allows you to browse your data:

"The Apple Music API is a web service that lets you access information about the media found in the Apple Music Catalog and the user’s personal iCloud Music Library. "

Unfortunately, that will not enable playing the content.

There are third party sites, e.g. that play music via MusicKit JS


Yep, but you are required to obtain a developer token to do so. The problem here is that the Amazons, Apples, and Googles of this world are not too interested in small scale returns. By all means investigate and report back, but the simple fact that there are no people coming forward with plugins tells the story to me.

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A developer token doesn’t seem to be all of that high of a barrier to entry, unless I’m missing something – how many tens (or hundreds) of thousands of developers already have $99 Apple Developer program memberships?

If necessary, by all means place Apple Music support behind the MyVolumio paywall. Heck, I’m sure you could find 5 people in this forum willing to pony up $20 apiece if the developer program membership is a problem.

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I don’t know, but I suspect it’s not as simple as you say. For example, look at the problems with theYoutube plugin that Google limited to xxx number of hits per day.

Edit: I think that Apple Music support would be stupendous, but I really think that it’s unlikely to happen soon (please someone, tell me I’m wrong ;)).

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Since Apple Music doesn’t have a free tier (all users would be paying customers), I don’t really see a reason for Apple to throttle it, unlike Google with Youtube. For example, Apple Music is supported on Alexa devices.

Apple Music plugin would be a killer feature. Especially now, when the Youtube plugin is dead.
I’ve iOS developer account. Will see what can be done.


We implemented browsing already one year sgo5. But unfortunately there was no API for playback.

We would love to do it so if someone finds a way to start playback please let us know


Do you still have that “Apple music browsing” plugin somewhere?

From the wwdc 2018, “MusicKit on the web”:
“We’re also launching the MusicKit JS library. Makes it really easy to use both of those REST APIs in the browser, and it gives your users the ability to play back full songs from the Apple Music catalog and from the iCloud Music Library right in their browser.”

Did you try that maybe?

Exactly. This library is meant to work only in the browser. But we need to have playback OUT from browser…

Once the detailed WWDC schedule is available in a few days, perhaps we can find out a bit more.

Just wanted to add +1 to Apple Music support, my library is mostly in the Apple ecosystem, (unfortunately).

Happy to pay to help fund development if that’s the blocker.

Any update from wwdc?

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Just to support the cause. We urgently need this apple music plug in. I would be also happy to support (financially)

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+1 on the Apple Music support

+1 on the plugin

+1 on Apple Music support