X86 mini pc for Volumio

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what is the name of this device?

just a mini pc made in Shenzhen, China. But not fanless. Price arround 200usd/pc

you can install volumio x86 version as its OS.

I’m getting one of those within the next few weeks (I hope), according to the latrst info, shipping will start this or next week.
It is a Larkbox, from a company called CHUWI, well known for their Intel tablets.
Larkbox store link

As I have some experience with chinese miniPCs, I would not take speedturtles comment as a fact.
Whether Volumio runs on it is yet to be seen.

Too expensive for what it is…I do not see any added value over RPi+HAT or USB
It is not even fanless

Here is the hardware info. Volumio img I tried was downloaded in June 2019, as latest version becomes fat and slow.

Intel Wireless-AC 9461 is supported by Linux.

Hi GKKpch, I see the Larkbox hardware info as below. Are you going to tried it with 64bit Volumio?

LarkBox Desktop Mini PC Intel® Celeron® J4115 6GB RAM+128GB SSD | CHUWI


0.16L micro volume127g light weight Intel J4115 processor UHD600integrated graphics 6GB RAM128GB ROM Multifunctionalinterface Active purecopper cooling module Support VESA back hanging function M.2 SSD harddrive expansion Pocket body.

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luckily I get mine for the backer price, also trying to get a sample from the Radxa Rock PI X.
We have not taken any decision on 64-bit support, but in order to get a notion of what it means I will do a 64-bit prototype. Not before autumn though, I have to finish off the 32-bit buster version and a few other things on my to-do list first.

this one is fanless. and you can see details from below post.

Price? It has be expensive.

please be careful with this sort of advertising, they will add “Volumio” to their advertising info without asking and any proof that it actually works. From my own experience some (even renown brands) don’t.

@speedturtle: for the sake of transparency, would you please only post hardware that you have personally tested and vow for?
You are not doing us a favor with raking up things from the internet that nobody has verified to work with volumio.

ZOTAC_ZBOX_PI320 is its model. It is old released device with original OS of win8.1 or win10 home.
No legacy boot, only 32bit UEFI onboard.

I think you can buy one from Ebay at 50usd.

Preinstall OS in this mini pc *ZOTAC_ZBOX_PI320 is win8.1 or win10 , officially authorized by Microsoft.

I already tested ZOTAC_ZBOX_PI320 with volumio x86 old img file released in June 2019. and also tried Daphile 32bit/64bit/64bit-rt on it. As a mater of fact, this mini pc works great without any noise from USB port. I replaced the original power adapter with Linear power of 5V3A output.

By the way, manual installation of wifi firmware is required if you want to configure its wi-fi.