Whats with the pushed advertising

Everyday this week Ive switched on my volumio box and after a few minutes Im having to close advertising from Volumio.
Ive gotten rid of it once…I dont want it. Where is this going to stop.

Box back behind the firewall I think.



Yes, I find that very annoying too.

Apart from the fact that I don’t want to receive such advertising myself, I certainly don’t want it to simply appear on devices used by family members or guests… and there isn’t even an opt-out option.

I sincerely hope that this advertising will be stopped again.


Sorry guys, this is meant to be shown just 3 times max, and in all cases it will stop to show in few days.

This shouldn’t be shown at all, never.

If you want to advertise, do it through email or on the website, in the forums etc. Just do not do it as pushed ads through the program.
Pushed advertising really is a boil on the arse of society. Please dont go down that road


Thanks for the quick reply.

Nevertheless, the decision to show advertising is discouraging from my point of view - even if it is only shown temporarily. Especially for systems that are (also) used by guests or family members, advertising is a showstopper, IMHO.

Maybe you only show the ads on free trial licenses, where it can be assumed that users have a certain interest in offers.


Just to point out:

  • This is not advertising, but an offer to people which are on free plan (or older plans) to upgrade with a discount
  • This will run for a few days only, and is designed to be shown max 3 times

We did consider your points pre-emtpively and we concluded that such a limited run, to show a positive discounted offer was not too pushy.

Yes it is.

Something that pops up to in form me of something is advertising the fact…is it not?

Until… christmas special offer arrives, easter, spring break, summer break, etc etc etc.


An unasked “offer to people” is not advertising? :eyes:

Nontheless it remains unwanted…


maybe a opt-in option on the site / account so you have a consent?

Even though the offer is great, pushing it unasked to Volumio devices is not OK.

Suppose you switch on your TV and it start popping up advertisement to buy a new one?
You get into your car and your HUD shows an offer for the new model?


More today…

Seems putting your Volumio box behind a firewall will not stop it, Its pulling the ads through the device you are browsing with, direct from the internet.
Block the device from the internet problem solved.

Excert from a RED Dwarf Script. Cat as we know is talking about humans, but this applies to ads too

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Yes, it’s a PITA. My wife already wants me to kick it out… so much for the WAF. :unamused:

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That is the definition of advertising. In any way telling someone that you have something for sale, discounted or not, is advertising.

Max 3 times? I’ve must’ve seen it over 30 times already.
The only thing I would’ve found acceptable is when the “Go Premium” button would’ve been changed. Maybe turn it a shade of red and write something like “Discounted” or “Special offer” under it.


and this is just my hand to cut my meat or bread with :slight_smile:

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@MrKrueger it was not supposed to be shown that much. By any chance, do you have your cookies disabled and\or are you using multiple clients (browser) to access Volumio?

In any case, the whole point of this was to offer a great deal to our users, not to bother them.

So, since this was not the case we disabled the promotion until we understand more things about this.

Question: considering that we believe that its a good thing to show promotions which allow to save on the price of subscriptions to our users, given that they should not be too bothered. What do you guys would suggest as a less intrusive way?

I would do this in the left top menu, the console thingy.

Cookies enabled.
Yes, I do have multiple devices over which 30 times is spread. However, I’ve most used a single Firefox instance that has been started this morning and has not been shut down since. It’s now around 18:00, so that makes about 10 hours and I’ve seen it around 10 times today in this browser.
I’ve also used the Volumio android app today, which I’ve used for only a few minutes. That also threw it in my face.

About the suggestions, I’ve already given you one.
Use the current “Go Premium” button. Make it pop and replace the “support us” text under it whenever there’s a special offer.

Maybe even draw a red dot on the corner of the hamburger menu on the top left of the screen to notify the user of the fact that there’s a ‘notification’ in that menu. Already a bit of a grey area to me, but I’d say it’s okay. You need to draw attention somehow…

In case of a license renewal, you could put the text “Renewal due: special offer” there.
That button already ends up on the Plans within Volumio. You could do something there. Maybe have it say something about valuing customer loyalty and always present those customers with a discount. They deserve that, imho.

Why does it need to be pushed through the app. How many extra people will it reach compared to the above.

+1 .

To be honest Volumio is fully entitled to offer these deals. Website and forum are mostly only visited when you have a problem or need to know something.
I think nobody has problems if they use the app, the issue is that it’s being thrown at you with a big popup.
subtile via the side menu, should not be an issue. To be honest name one free application on your phone that doesn’t throw even more annoying advertisements?