Whats with the pushed advertising

Actually this promotion has been going extremely well and many opted-in…

I’m not adverse to you making money from your hard work.
But popups that you have to keep swiping away are an anoyance and make me or anyone unlikely to recomend it.

If you have to advertise through the app make it discreet with a couple of check boxes saying “do not show again” and " remind me later"

may be true but it doesnt stop them from being anoying and if they do it too much, like anyone else i will delete them.


I have just re read what you written.

You do realise that its not just the official app displaying these popup ads, its any method you use to browse Volumio.

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Dude - read the room :joy:

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Totally agree. Volumio obviously needs to make money.
They’re a company, they got employees to pay, developments to fund, etc.

It’s just annoying as hell that they throw a big advert in your face, as many others also do. For me, that’s a reason to go find something else.
I’d love it when they’d go more subtle.

And if you really want examples of free apps that don’t throw full screen adverts in your face: Torque Lite, OpenMediaVault’s management app, Total Commander, Microsoft Outlook, Cube ACR, Discogs, Here WeGo, and I probably got a few more that I forgot. Most are totally unrelated though, except for OMV which can act as a DLNA mediaserver.
So yeah, I think it can be done without large adverts.

@volumio Just thought of some other things to possibly improve sales…
The current model consists of a free and a premium offering.
I’d suggest putting these options in between:

  • Supporter $12/yr ($1/month) mainly to get rid of advertisements. Or make it a donation, user chooses amount and gets supporter-tier.
  • Streaming services pack (integrates more services, like Deezer, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Tidal, Highresaudio, etc) because some people just one app to cover them all.
  • Audio I/O pack (adds multiroom, bluetooth (AptX?), CD play/rip, advanced mixing/EQ)

Another idea would be multi-year offerings. Now it’s pay-per-month or a single year.

I suggest a compromise, since for many it looks close to being a deal breaker rather than a deal maker. Push ads, rightly or wrongly, are not a natural part of a music player

The compromise would be to have a menu entry (along with system, sources etc ) called ‘offers’ which can list as many offers as you want and service your legitimate need to make money as well as offering people the chance to know about your services without intrusive advertising or even the threat of it popping up uninvited.

That way, make more offers available, important or unimportant, highly subscribed or not, ordered and highlighted according to what you think is more important, in an offers menu, because users of a music player do not need yet another non-consensual advertising platform in their faces.


For me this popup was shown already much much more then three times. I shut down my device each day, may this is the reason to see so much adverts.
For me the frequent Popups are annoying. Aren’t the 29€ I pay already are not sufficient? I currently believe it’s more than sufficient for a service that feels like a beta version.
The popups, instead of other people, encourage me to stop my volumio support next time I asked to pay.
Just to state that there are not only positive feedbacks to his action.
BR Matthew