Waveshare DSI LCD displays

You also need to install (and enable :wink:) the Touch Display plugin from the plugin store. You find the plugin in the category “User Interface”.

I did.

This is what I did

With the Touch Display plugin enabled run

systemctl status -l volumio-kiosk.service

and post the output, please.



I really need help with this.

I have exactly the same screen and I’m having issues. Could you help me? I’m a newb.


i am struggeling to get my Display to work. Damn, I bought a
1280x800 DSI 8" 8inch DSI LCD (C) - Waveshare Wiki
Display from Waveshare (i had good experiance with a, I think, 4" DSI Display. So I didnt expect problems using another Display from them)

On Github there are only a few kernel versions supported:

As i read here, some ppl started to implement the driver directly - but for kernel version >6.1??

Any ideas what would be the best way to move on? Building an own volumio-os image? But how can a define a specific kernel version (Waveshare e.g. supports 5.10.103)

Edit: Using Google and the Kernel Version → i will give it a try:

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You should try asking Waveshare support if they can give you the driver for the kernel version you need.


i sent a mail to waveshare and it took… 15? Minutes until they replied. Cool!

But, they just sent me the driver from this post. I give it a try and i choose the 10.1 inch settings because this display has the same resolution like my one.

I also compiled the 5.10.103 Version on VOlumio:

  • in both cases the Display works fine (of course the self compiled doenst support myVolumio and I have to install the plugins manually

But: On both ways the touchscreen seems like… How to describe: Is moving too fast. Like the resolution is half the screen resolution. So if i press in the xy 0/0 corner → the cursor is 0/0. If i press in the middle (640/400) the cursor is at the the far right/upper corner at 1280/800

Any ideas?
I will install the waveshare image to see if it works and if i can manage to find the right settings



I’m running Volumio on the Waveshare DSI 8 inch screen with 1280x800 resolution. I really wanted a larger screen than the Waveshare 4.3 DSI I was using. I purchased the larger screen thinking this is going to be simple but I was wrong.

I found this here and enlisted the help from my son. We used the final guide from Mark Bastard up to a point. We did not have to rotate the screen as it was oriented in the correct way at startup and wanted the touch screen usable. We used the 10.1 inch screen size in the setup for the same resolution as the 8 inch .

This worked however the touch screen was rotated 90 degrees, but in using Lyzards suggestion in a following post right after the Guide to add “dtoverlay=WS_xinchDSI_Touch,invertedx,swappedxy” in userconfig.txt that was corrected.

Volumio version 3.512 and Touch Display version3.3.7 running on a Pi4B with a R19 digital out hat. No other plugins or hardware in use.

Thank you for the information here

That’s great! I been trying to install my DSI 11.9 inches Waveshare but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I followed all the steps but when it comes down to copy the drivers I think I’m not copying them to the right place, because when I do the installation it always says this file doesn’t need to be added because already is installed. I need help.

Hello. I have a request for clarification.
I’m trying to install drivers for 11.9. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?
For example, should I paste the entire entry “scp /path/to/unzipped/files/* volumio@your.volumio.ip.address:~” Do I have to enter my IP address?
Driver file uploaded directly to FileZilla?
Can I ask for a step-by-step description?

  1. Install Volumio and Touch Display Plugin
  2. Enable SSH in http://volumio.local/dev
  3. Use SSH file transfer (e.g WinSCP) to copy unizpped folder to RPI
  4. Use SSH (e.g. PuTTY) to open terminal
  5. Go to just coppied folder (in step 3) using: cd /location_of_folder/folder_iself/
  6. sudo bash ./WS_xinchDSI_MAIN.sh 7_9inch I2C0
  7. sudo reboot

I follow the steps in the tips and still have a black screen. I change the value 7,9 to 11,9
With the commands as above, it displays that the driver is installed and does not install a new one. A clean system rebuilt


Which version Touch Display Plugin works for you?

I also have a problem with LCD 11.9 dsi on rpi4 after the last volumio update.
Previously everything worked: driver 5.10.92-32-mod.V1 and Peppymeter version 1.3.0.
I tried reinstalling them but it doesn’t help. Finally, I installed Volumio again and even the driver doesn’t work, the screen is black.
During installation I get:
volumio@volumio:~/DSI$ sudo bash ./WS_xinchDSI_MAIN.sh 11_9inch I2C0
SCREEN_TYPE: 2_8inch 4inch 7inch 9inch 10_1inch 7_9inch 11_9inch
The raspberry PI hardware platform is pi4
Driver Start Settings
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘WS_xinchDSI_Touch’: Exec format error
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘WS_xinchDSI_Screen’: Exec format error
Driver end Settings

Does anyone have an idea what to do?