Volumio web-radio address out of date

i just tried to tune to a web-radio run by a friend, the address that its attempting to access is out of date. Where would someone go to get this updated?

The new URL is going to be either http://scifi.radio:8080/stream, or https://station.kryptonradio.com:8080/stream

You can add this yourself. Click on the top right corner of the ‘My Web Radios’ icon.

thank you but, I don’t want to fix it on my radio, I want to submit a change request to the main repo, so they stop pushing defunct addresses. Why push out of date web radio addresses, that’s like using a phonebook from 1996 to find a recent phone number.

Bumping, anyone know who i need to contact?

I don’t have an answer, other than adding the station to your personal list, which I agree is not a universal solution to outdated links, but at least does allow me to listen to streams via Volumio.

This thread from a few years back discussed this. No idea if the solution still works, but you could explore it.

Edit: And I agree that this needs some attention from Volumio, but maybe they have other priorities as radio stations change their streams ever more frequently. Some interface with Tunein perhaps.

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Please have a look here.

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