From where Volumio gets the radio stations

I have already searched in the forum about my question, but I can only find where I can add new radio stations to Volumio, because of that I create this new question.
I want to know from where Volumio has his radio station list. Is there a file on the local filesystem with a list of the radio stations or connects Volumio to a server who contains the station list (which address would that be)? I would know the address of the radio stations inclusive the ports. Because for firewall settings.
Many thanks

Does nobody know where the list comes from?

I believe the source for radio is Tunein , the Tunein plugin is native in Volumio

Find out the url:
All credits to @mrhk13 and he’s metode to find out the url for Tunein radio streams. :wink:

Here you go, wireshark is great :wink:

 "radios": [
    {"title":"Absolut Radio","uri":""},
    {"title":"Absolut Relax","uri":""},
    {"title":"ArtSound FM 92.7","uri":""},
    {"title":"BBC Radio 1","uri":""},
    {"title":"BBC Radio 2","uri":""},
    {"title":"BBC Radio 3","uri":""},
    {"title":"BBC Radio 4 FM","uri":""},
    {"title":"BBC Radio 5 live","uri":""},
    {"title":"BBC Radio 6 Music","uri":""},
    {"title":"Classic FM", "uri":""},
    {"title":"CDNX 1 - Classic & New Indie Alt","uri":""},
    {"title":"CDNX 2 - New & Upfront Indie Alt","uri":""},
    {"title":"EuropaRadioJazz - 88.3 Smooth Jazz HD","uri":""},
    {"title":"France Culture Live","uri":""},
    {"title":"France Musique Classique Plus","uri":""},
    {"title":"France Musique La Contemporaine","uri":""},
    {"title":"France Musique La Jazz","uri":""},
    {"title":"Folk Radio UK","uri":""},
    {"title":"Ibiza Sonica", "uri":""},
    {"title":"KDHX 88.1 FM St. Louis","uri":""},
    {"title":"KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle","uri":""},
    {"title":"KMHD Portland FM 89.1 -  Jazz","uri":""},
    {"title":"Linn Classical","uri":""},
    {"title":"Linn Jazz","uri":""},
    {"title":"Linn Radio","uri":""},
    {"title":"Mix 106","uri":""},
    {"title":"Naim Radio","uri":""},
    {"title":"NTS Live International","uri":""},
    {"title":"Radio 24 Il Sole 24 Ore", "uri":""},
    {"title":"RadioJAZZ.FM", "uri":""},
    {"title":"Radio Paradise", "uri":""},
    {"title":"Radio Reload", "uri":""},
    {"title":"Radio Swiss Classic","uri":""},
    {"title":"Radio Swiss Jazz","uri":""},
    {"title":"Radio X London","uri":""},
    {"title":"SmoothJazz Global Radio","uri":""},
    {"title":"San Diego Jazz 88.3","uri":""},
    {"title":"Venice Classic Radio Italia","uri":""}

@SonosKiller: Thanks i will lok on Tunein that can be a good option.

@ashthespy: Whit Wireshark I have the problem, that i have to check every radio station separately.
From where is the list you posted? Is this from your individually stations?

Wireshark to find the api that Volumio queries this list from :slight_smile:

Aaaaa :+1: thx