Volumio SD CARD - capacity limited

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Raspberry pi 4 2gb
DAC: CA dac magic 100


I’ve installed Volumio on sd card PNY elite pro 128 gb.
I wanted to storage some music on it but capacity is very limited to about ~30 gb.
I’ve tried copy via LAN ~50gb and I coudlnt. There was info that it need 20gb extra free space.

Please help.
Kind regards Adrian.

Update: its limited to 10gb…

Where on the card are you trying to copy your files?

Via LAN from PC (windows7) into internal sd card (128 pny pro elite)…

I’ve made Volumio image copy from 16gb card to 128gb. Maybe thats the problem and I need to make new system on 128gb ?

yes if you install a clean sd it will auto expand your disk, by making a image of it,
it will not expand any more this is only with a fresh install.

you could expand it by hand :