Volumio Rivo can stream to a DAC with integrated streamer renderer?

Anyone can confirm if Volumio Rivo can send audio via the network to a Gustard DAC-R26 which has a integrated streamer renderer?

I found 4 results searching the forum for
‘Gustard R26’. Looks promising.

You can’t.

The closest you’ll get is installing a media server like LMS plugin and connect over uPNP.

I’ve just installed Logitech Media Server plugin, but I don’t see how I redirect the sound out from Volumio to the Gustard R-26 through the netwok (UPNP)?! :thinking:

Gustard DAC-R26 Streamer Renderer appear in windows network as the following device:

An add-on - upnp renderer can be installed in LMS. It will then likely find Gustard in your network.

why not just bypass the renderer and output digital direct into the DAC e.g. via USB?

He asked to render over the network, that’s why. :wink: