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Plugin for playing Mixcloud shows

Source: https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-mixcloud

Volumio 3 : Plugin submitted to plugin store; pending review.
Volumio 2 : GitHub - patrickkfkan/volumio-mixcloud at volumio-2.x

Author: patrickkfkan

Volumio version: 2 and 3

Plugin status: Stable on Rpi/x86

Discussion: [PLUGIN] Mixcloud

YouTube Cast Receiver

Plugin that enables Volumio to act as a cast device for the YouTube mobile app or website

Source: https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-ytcr

Volumio 3 : Plugin submitted to plugin store; pending review.
Volumio 2 : GitHub - patrickkfkan/volumio-ytcr at volumio-2.x

Author: patrickkfkan

Volumio version: 2* and 3

Plugin status: Stable on Rpi/x86

Discussion: [PLUGIN] YouTube Cast Receiver

*Volumio 2.x ships with an outdated version of MPD. This has implications on playback of YouTube streams. Check the Installation and Discussion links for more information (and fix).

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This plugin provides three user buttons. One button will browse your music library and select a number of random tracks, place them in the queue and start playing them. The second will load and play a random album. The third will load and play the album of the currently playing track.

Source: Volumio UI - Search Plugins: Miscellanea

Author: Redlawd

Volumio 2 & 3

Status Stable RPi3

More Info: [PLUGIN] Randomizer Plugin

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Philips AmbX

Basic control of the AmbX LEDs

How to obtain the plugin: Volumio UI

Author name: @Xerusial

Volumio version: 2 & 3

Plugin status: stable on RPi3

Further discussion: here

RotaryEncoder II (Version 1.0.12)
Alternative implementation of Rotary Encoder controls using the Linux Kernel driver for Rotaries. It also offers additional features compared to the original RotaryEncoder Plugin.

Documentation including tips for hardware debouncing is available on the Volumio Documentation for this plugin.

Plugin is available on the Plugin-Store for Volumio 2 (1.0.7) and for Volumio 3.

Latest development version on Github.
The compatibility with Volumio 2 is no longer tested since I am only using Volumio 3.

Author: 7h0mas-R

Tested with Volumio3
Stable on RPi3

For discussion use this topic: [PLUGIN] RotaryEncoder II

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Music Services Shield (Version 1.2.0)
This plugin separates Volumio music processes from other processes. It allows you to select the CPUs and the process priority for selected music services.

Source: Volumio UI - Search Plugins: Miscellanea. Also Releases · petecallaghan/volumio-plugins · GitHub

Author: Pete Callaghan

Status: stable

Volumio version: 2*

More info : [PLUGIN] Music Services Shield

Notes: Works with MPD and Spotify Connect

Open issues here: Issues · petecallaghan/volumio-plugins · GitHub


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[PLUGIN] SerialAmpController
Control Amplifiers with Serial Interface from Volumio (e.g. ROTEL A12/A11/A14)

The plugin allows to control amplifiers that support control via Serial Interface from Volumio.
Supported functions are volume and mute from the Volumio GUI and some additional features like:

  • defining max volume
  • defining startup volume
  • map to 100
  • pausing and resuming when amp is muted
  • pausing and resuming when input source of amp is changed
  • switching to the correct source when play is pressed on volumio
  • start playback when Amp is powered up

The configuration of the serial interface and the commands to send to the amps are stored in a json file that can easily be extended to support other models and brands.
ROTEL A12 is included and tested. ROTEL A14 and A11 are included (since the documentation was available to me) but have not been tested, since I only have an A12 (I did some simulation with the A12, however).
On request, I recently added a Meridian DSP420 implementation, but I did not hear yet, if it works.

A pull request is pending. If you are not risk averse, you can download a zipped archive for manual install in Volumio3 here
Sources are in my repo.

  • Author: 7h0mas-R
  • Volumio version: Tested with
    • 3.139, 3.213, 3.251
    • Volumio 2 will no longer be supported since I do not use any Volumio 2 system anymore
  • Supported Amplifiers:
    • tested
      • ROTEL – A12
    • untested
      • ROTEL – A11/A14 (partly simulated with A12)
      • MERIDIAN – DSP420
  • Plugin status: stable on RPi3 with ROTEL A12 and GooBay USB2Serial Adapter with Prolific Chipset
  • Discussions and feedback here
  • Version History:
    • 1.0.0: Initial version developed for Volumio 2. Used spawn to implement the interface communication using bash shell
    • 2.0.0: Complete remake for Volumio 3, replacing the spawn solution by use of SerialPort.io package and restructuring the RegEx implementation of the Amp-Message responses
    • 2.0.2: After the PR was stale for quite some time - I submitted a new one on a separate branch to disentangle it from my other plugin and tidied up the history. No other changes.
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Now Playing

Provides a ‘Now Playing’ screen for Volumio devices with connected displays

Source: https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-now-playing

Volumio 3 : Volumio UI → Plugins → User Interface
Volumio 2 : Volumio UI → Plugins → Miscellaneous

Author: patrickkfkan

Volumio version: 2 and 3

Plugin status: Stable on RPi/x86

Discussion: [PLUGIN] Now Playing



This is a m3u playlist importer plugin for Volumio which makes it easy to import simple or extended M3U playlists.

Install file download: https://github.com/skiphansen/volumio-plugins

Source: volumio-plugins/plugins/miscellanea/m3u_importer at master · skiphansen/volumio-plugins · GitHub

Author: Skip Hansen

Status: beta

Volumio version: 2 and 3

Discussion: [PLUGIN] m3u_importer

So far only tested by the author on a Rpi4, but since it’s 100% Javascript and
has no hardware dependencies it is expected it to run on other platforms
without a problem.


Nanosound One

Platform: Raspberry Pi

Author: Nanomesher

Status: stable
Github project : https://github.com/nanomesher/volumio-plugins/tree/master/plugins/miscellanea/nanosoundone

Touch Display Lite

Touch Display Lite is a clean and fast user interface for Volumio 3. It works with the official 7-inch touch screen and other touch screens.

Source: Releases · zf3/volumio_touch_display_lite · GitHub
File to download: touch_display_lite.zip

Author: fenzo

Status: Beta

Volumio version: 3

Discussion: [Plugin] Touch Display Lite

Hello, I am interested in using your plugin. How do I access it? It does not appear on the list of plugins. Thanks in advance.

Thank You for your speedy response. Have a great day!

Are you able to get sound from your Pirate Audio device? I am not and wondered if you had any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

I do not own a pirate audio device, so you better post your question in the thread dedicated to the plugin.

Oh sorry, I thought you did. Thanks for your help and have a great day!

Is there also a plugin for Onedrive integration for Volumio3 ?

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Displays ‘Now Playing’ on a remote display.

Can anyone fork this to work with composite/hdmi instead of the e-paper?