Volumio playing CD

I use 12 year old dvd player to play cd’s but it has a little bit noise. It works very well wit Volumio exept for the noise.
I think it is a great future. Can play cd’s in 32bit/192khz very nice.

I want to connect my Denon bluray player (for playing cd’s) to minipc (usb connection). Hope this cable work. Anyone other suguestions?

do not think it is going to work, the usb is output and it should be input.

did is not going to work. See it with other brand.

Can confirm this does not work. So these cables are only d/a end not a/d.

I did buy hitatchi-LG, but still lot of noice while this one should have silent technology. Best option would be bluray playter to volumio but no idea how to do that. While such a player only has analog output (Rca) or hdmi. Modern cd players have the same problem.

Could this be working? The only a/d converter I could find.

If the noise is coming from the DVD/Blueray player and not the mini PC, using the analog signal (RCA) will not improve because an A/D-Converter will also encode the Noise.
I would recommend to check, if the player has e.g. an SPDIF output or HDMI. Those have the digital audio signal and you can use an „HDMI Audio Extractor“ to split the audio from the video.
Most extractors I know of either convert to SPDIF/Optical or analog RCA. There may be models supporting USB, but I think that would be rather rare. Alternatively you can additionally add an optical input to your mini PC.
However, this sounds quite complex and long signal path and DA-AD-DA conversion will rarely improve sound. Is there any reason, not to rip CDs in lossless format and put them on a solid state drive? Would make loading and unloading the CDs obsolete…
Maybe I misunderstood your point?
I personally use the optical digital output of an old DVD player as input into an Amp with internal D/A Converter (DAC). But I do not quite get the added value of using Volumio in that process.

I like to play cd’s in general, it just like it some people still like to play vinyl. I have a NAS for lossless playback from harddisk. I think the ibiza sound AD-transfer can do the trick. That is the only converter with an usb output.
I can play my cd’s straight to my active speakers (with build in dac), sounds also good. But than I can not use the dsp from volumio (speaker balance settings).

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Ok, so it‘s similar like in my case :wink: I have a NAS but still sometimes like to take a CD from a colorful cover and put it in.

I never used Volumio‘s CD functionality, but I think it is mainly intended for CD-Rom drives. Volumio in general is based on the Linux ALSA interface. ALSA may be able to recognize an ADC, but it will not recognize it as a CD-Rom, but as an Audio source, because the ADC will convert back the music into a digital data-stream, but not re-construct the other data from the CD.
Not sure, if there is a function or plug-in available, that will translate an ADC-input into a user-selectable music source though. But since ALSA is very versatile, it will probably have the abilities: https://www.alsa-project.org/

cd roms are to noisy. My bluray player (cdplayer) from Denon is silent. It is not so bad that the ADC only is recognized as a plugin. I did test it with focusrite (only one channel worked) then you get a plugin also.

This could also be working: Behringer | Product | UCA202

Just found this thread: seems already to be implemented, but only in Superstar:


works perfectly plug and play. Volumio detect it as USB audio codec:

I see you’re point now it is better to send the players signal to tv/hdmi and with toslink to my DAC. No need to pass it through Volumio. Volumio does not resample external devices so you even losing quality Now find a tool to fix the balance issue of my speakers: