Added Input playback on MyVolumio Superstar? v2.632

Hi, i do not find the
‘Added Input playback on MyVolumio Superstar’ published on changelog with v 2.632
Any idea where to find?
Thanks in advance

You can find it on browse page.
I found it but have no idea what it means. I have a allo digione signature player with myvolumio superstar acount, can I use this feature? How?

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Thanks balek
i still can’t find it at all. also not on UI 3 beta.
is this visible only on some dac model? i tried to find it on dacberry one+, primo and khadas…

I am on classic UI with allo digione in output device selected.
But don’t know what can i plug in and where? In audio jack of the pi3? I know thats a output line.

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Trimis de pe al meu SM-G965F folosind Tapatalk

It’s simple:
if you connect to your Volumio device ANY USB soundcard which has an input (or ANY I2S card with input), you will see this input on browse page.
Clicking on it will play the input audio on your output device.
Let me know if something is still not clear

Thanks Michelangelo, everything clear now.

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Interesting, Allo Digione is seen also as an input device. But as far as I know it does not have any input facility…

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It is the signature digione, sorry forgot to mention.

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Thank you mi,
i understand now, that S/PDIF Input from khadas tone board and dacberry one+ optical input are not supported by driver right now.
is there a list of supported I2S input cards or is there a recommended board for easy integrate to existing i2S output configured devices?
What about HDMI sound input?

To use this feature, you of course need a dedicated hardware.
It seems that the digione sig is detected also as an analog input (which it’s not, as far as I know).
Will need to blacklist it in order to avoid confusion.

Is this feature dedicated only for myvolumio superstar accounts or to all paid accounts?

Only Superstar account

i confirm that USB audio input works like a charm.
I used … 22/p/P0A31 (PCM2902)
It’s hot plug and play - no reboot needed.
only one usb external audio in can be used and is shown!

I promise, with an I2S DAC the sound quality will be better.
I found this DAC boards for RCA input… … y-dac-adc/

Yep, the release of Hifiberry DAC Pro ADC is the thing that gave me the idea to do it, and I must say that the results are indeed very good.
I also use this feature to listen to my turntable: I have a Pro-Ject USB phono that I connect directly via USB (results are very very good)

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OK, after checking the Behringer UCA222 as USB RCA input Device i sent it to my dauhter.
She updated her volumio system to v. 2.632 and upgrade the myvolumio account from virtuoso to superstar.
She is having a RPI3B & iQaudIO device.
She is having a plugin error of “smart_inputs” Plugin and should contact the developer.
I belive this is why she can not use the USB input.
Any Help please. Thank you.

no problem anymore!
I found out that she has used the wrong connections - USB in the computer and Line in the volumio device. :slight_smile:

… works with “ANY I2S card with input” ?
OK, i got this card: … 13351.html
should be simple, but i did not get it work… :unamused:

connections i did (RPI4):
GND -> GND 39
VCC -> 5V 2

Any help to get it work is welcome. thanks.

Does this card have an input?
Can you paste the output of

arecord -l


This is the output (empty list):

volumio@volumiorpi4:~$ arecord -l
**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****