Volumio on Rivo is not available

Since saturday, volumio can no longer be started on my Rivo. The Rivo is recognized in the network, the USB hard drive is accessible. Is there any other trick or will only a factory reset help? The Rivo was only shut down and there were no changes to the network. Is it correct that the reset files only have 13 bytes? System version: 3.449
Thank you for your support
Greetings from Potsdam - Stephan

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Did you have Youtube plugin enabled?

Yes, I have.

Then please uninstall all YT plugins and reinstall the latest Beta.
see: [PLUGIN] YouTube2 - #367 by tapefan


Here Davide from Volumio tech support
Please to help you!

A support email has just been sent to your address, please follow up on that for further help

Thank you!


after factory reset everything is working fine again.
Thanks to Davide for his perfect support.

all the best

Hello, I ask for help. A reset via USB stick is not possible! I use a Rivo. I use it as a Roon endpoint. I bought a new Fritzbox. The Rivo cannot find the new network. Not even via LAN cable! Reset doesn’t work. Thanks

factory reset via USB stick should work, but the USB stick must be formatted in fat32 before copying the factory reset file on it

Hi, yes is FAT32.

When switching on for the reset, only at the back or also at the front?

from the device with the back switch in OFF mode, please follow those steps:

  1. prepare the USB stick, formatted in FAT32 with the factory reset file
  2. insert the USB stick in the device
  3. toggle the back switch to ON (the front LED should become red)
  4. press the push-button on the front (the led should become green)

after a few minutes, the factory reset procedure should be completed, and you should see again the device on the network (if connected via Ethernet) and the hotspot for the first configuration should be created