Volumio on Rasp Pi 4 8GB - Pi can't connect to network

Hi All,

I ordered the Rasp Pi 4 8GB and loaded the 2.777 (latest version) onto the 8GB SD Card. I then boot up the pi but I can’t see the Volumio wifi. I checked my Asus router web page, and I don’t see it connected. The LEDs on the LAN port, remain stable green and amber.

I then loaded the latest Rasp OS and that worked fine, I could ping the Pi. So it’s not a hardware issue.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Try using wired connection to router to set up wifi rather than trying the Volumio hotspot.

Hi I’ve been getting that a lot with recent Volumio downloads to Raspberry pi 3s too. It’s almost as if WiFi chip has fried! It happened on four fresh installs across two pi 3s. I thought my ifi iPower had damaged the boards by being under powered. I changed PSU, got Rpi 4 and a fresh download of Volumio and it was fine.

Perhaps plug the Rpi into a TV or Monitor and see if your PSU is powerful enough (look for lightning icon in top right of screen) to run Rpi 4 and Hat. If not that might be the problem…

You are lucky! My Rasp Pi 4 8GB doesn’t load the 2.777 at all.16GB SD Card Class 10, tried on 4GB SD Card - the same thing. I changed <disable_splash=0> in config.txt in order to see what’s going on and saw on the screen some errors like <start4.elf is not compatible> and message “This board requires newer software. Get the latest software from… etc.”

How did you check the screen errors? Did you have it hooked up to a monitor?

Ok, guess we’ll need to order new 8GB pi and check the new kernels…

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Just manipulate file “config.txt”, row “disable_splash=” from 1 to 0. I have a monitor hooked to Rasp Pi 4 8GB.

Not sure if we’re logging issues but I’m also having problems booting v2.777 on a RPi4 8GB with either a 16GB or 32GB SD card. I am able to boot the latest version of Raspian (or whatever it’s called now), but Volumio does not boot.

Thanks for any assistance. Best regards,

Would you care to test if the buster images work for the 8GB version? It should have a newer kernel that might help… Volumio Debian Buster Beta - Raspi images debugging
Do note that its a beta build :wink:

Hmm, another user was posting problems with wifi and RPi4. It would certainly be interesting to try the test image.

I have tested the image. It point me to the terminal on the screen and doesn’t recognize the USB keyboard. Restarted twice. On the screen:

Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 volumio tty1
volumio login:

Where is the bootlog file?

Well, that is a start! :slight_smile: You shouldn’t need to use the screen, and just connect remotely to the WebUI (use the hotspot if not plugged in via cable). I am assuming you’re familiar with Volumio if not check out the Quick start guide, most of the stuff is applicable to the Buster images as well…

Logs aren’t persistent across boots, so dmesg or journactl would give them to you.

I connected remotely to the WebUI via cable.Seems all works. No smb, so connected to my shares over nfs - it works well. Web radio is OK, found stations and play. Doesn’t recognize my USB Arcam-rPAC, only HDMI and Audio Jack. WiFi sees networks, not tested.
Glad to help

Does anything show up in dmesg or lsusb?

PS: Nice K75 :wink:

Using the Buster image (v3.008-2020-05-23) worked perfectly for me. I was also able to restore my backup via the backup/restore plugin.

Thank you for the suggestion and I’m looking forward to the eventual update coming soon. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again!

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Can’t connect via ssh or telnet. Can’t recognize two different USB keyboards. Can’t recognize Moonlight Z6 Pro Player DAC also.

P.S. Thanks. This is an my old succesful project. Unfortunately I sold the bike and now can’t find some K75 for a new project. The bike is great.

Are you sure you’ve enabled SSH?

Will need some logs – lets hop on to the buster specific thread once you get them though :slight_smile:

Hmm, somebody can’t read. Sorry!
Log sent to http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/sFMvEjm.html
I checked boot cmdlne.txt - the bootdelay=5 exists.
lsusb return nothing.

That is for Volumio updates, can be ignored.
I am assuming that these devices work fine with Raspbian? I don’t see anything wrong with the logs at first glance.