Volumio (offline) Playlist Editor for Windows

Hi Volumiers :),

Has anyone developed any kind of application to edit playlists in windows (offline)?

The idea is to create a new, or edit one existent and, with some GUI, add, remove, change path of songs.

I can get out of my mind that this would be easier than in volumio itself…

Sometime ago I changed the path of my music library and it was a Herculeous job to update the playlists. I’ve even given up, and changed only my main playlists…

Thanks in advance.

see: Source Change - Music Files Path - #2 by Wheaten

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Thank you. Tried it and might do the trick :wink:

There are also other solution, like

  • running Logitech Media Server along Volumio
  • Cantata

These programs can create dynamical playlist, or have a better way to work with playlists.