Volumio newbie with problem getting casting to work

Just started on a trial with Volumio - mostly working ok so far, but…

I can’t get casting to either Sonos or Chromecast to work. My Sonos and Chromecast devices are listed in the ‘Cast Devices’ list. I can click on them to make them active - but sound, comes there none! I feel I must be missing something terribly obvious?

System is Volumio 3.378 on a RPi4 with JustboomDigi (which is working fine) trying to cast to a Chromecast Audio and also a Sonos Play:5 Gen1.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Here you can read about casting.

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Many thanks dvo. Switched Test mode on and it is now casting ok.

I notice that when I start to cast to one or more of my Sonos speakers, the local playback on the RPi stops - is that by design? I would like to be able to playback simultaneously on both on the local device (connected to my hifi system) and the satellite Sonos speakers (whilst accepting that it will not be perfectly synchronised).

Many thanks, again

I don’t know how that works … maybe some one has the anwser on your question. @volumio @DED

Yes, that’s by design, since it’s not possible to synchronize playback between Volumio and Cast (or Sonos)

Many thanks.