Volumio Integro questions

Hi all,

I am looking for a new receiver with built-in DAC. I have three options in mind:

  • Powernode i2 (N330)
  • Sonos connect Amp (last option)
  • Volumio Integro

From what I have read the Integro ticks almost all of my requirements. But unfortunately there are two major issues imho. Are they already ‘solved’?

  1. I read about it on this forum:

After powerlessness, I have to press the power button for Volumio to boot up. I would like Volumio to start up completely, like a DIY device. Is this possible?


Question 1: has this been solved?
Question 2: what is the standby power usage, where I am able to use for example Spotify connect?

2: There is no HDMI arc compatibility, but would be added:

Murgia said Volumio plans to add HDMI eARC capability to the Integro in a future firmware update.


Question: Has this been added? If not is there an ETA?

3: Is there a way to add a physical remote?

I hope someone is able to answer these questions! :slight_smile:

  1. it is now possible. there is a new setting to set the behavior of the device when the power supply is connected

  1. the beta support for HDMI ARC is already available. It works with most of the TVs, but due to the different way the TV vendors implemented ARC, is a few models it does not work yet.

  2. It is already possible to control some basic functions of the device via CEC, with the remote of the TV if connected to Integro via HDMI. We’re also working on releasing a BLE remote for all Volumio devices, but no ETA yet.

Thanks so much for answering all the questions!

  • Can I see somewhere which HDMI is working? I have a Philips 55POS9002/12. Basically Android tv on the background.

  • Is it possible for everyone to join beta?

  • are there any specs about standby power usage of this device? The Sonos amp for example has more than 6 watt standby usage

We tried with some Philips TVs and all of them were working, but we didn’t try with your specific model

The firmware with Beta HDMI ARC support is already part of the stable releases since several months, for everyone.

Later on I will measure the power consumption for you, and provide the results

I measured the power consumption of Integro, connected to a lab power supply.

Standby-mode (CPU OFF, WiFi OFF, AMP OFF< DAC OFF) → 0.96W
Sleep-Mode (CPU ON, WiFi ON and connected, AMP OFF, DAC OFF) → 2.6W

Taking into account a 90% efficiency of the switching power supply provided with the product, the power consumption in Sleep-mode is below 3W

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Haven’t seen a forum which such good answers thanks for that, really appreciate it.

Lot’s of people say the Volumio devices sound way better with a better power supply, also the integro. Is this true or a audiophile hoax? :slight_smile:

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some people use a linear power supply with Rivo and Primo, claiming to obtain better results.

the power supply for Primo and Rivo is a 5V/3A, so a linear version can be relatively small, and the increased power consumption caused by the lower efficiency of the linear power supply won’t be so dramatic.

for Integro, it is required a 24V/8A power supply. A linear power supply with those characteristics will be very big and it will increase considerably the power consumption, especially at high volume levels.

I am personally using one of the first engineering samples of Integro in my living room, since years, with the power supply included in the box. I am very happy about the sound quality, I got rid of the previous stack of audio gears I was using before.

Give it a try, I am confident you will be surprised on what can deliver such a small device :wink:, even with the stock power supply.

I am just testing with the Volumio Integro. I am quite impressed to be honest!

Unfortunately seems HDMI ARC not compatible with my setup. I get sound for two seconds over the speakers and then it goes back to the television. I have tried every single setting/combination, but it doesn’t seem to work

sorry to hear that, it’s a pity

could you please check if there is a FW update for your TV?

as a backup solution, you can use the optical out of your TV, I know it’s not ideal but it will work for sure

Yeah I already have optical out connected, but I would have liked the automatic input source. That’s not possible with optical.

Have checked that already, No firmware update available.

Strange thing is though: it switches to HDMI input on the Integro and I have sound on the speakers for like two seconds. So somehow it works and somehow it doesn’t

If you are planning a new amplifier with a builtin DAC consider a Audiolab Omnia or a Audiolab Play both are capable to decode DSD/MQA 384 KHz sample-rates via the USB port. Second it has also a pre-out.
I am using a Omnia with Volumio running on very cheap Orange-PI One with only 512 MB RAM and it sounds very good on my 2 Impulse 74 transmission lines. I also using the Omnia as a pre-amp for 2 Sparks (Cayin) 930D monoblocks with 300B triode tubes and the sound is very warm. When I want to have more low (base-drum) I use also an Yamaha sub-woofer. To boot up the Orange-pi I will use in the future the use the trigger (12v) to switch a relay on/off. An idea is to use a 5V powerpack between the power-supply and the PI and to use a GPIO-pin of the Pi to perform a shutdown of the Linux-OS.