Impressions on the Integro

About 2 weeks ago I received my Integro, although I had hardly any experience with Volumio before. My first experiences were very mixed and ambivalent. Design and quality are top. Sound is great after I spent some time on the equalizer. Integro is a great device overall and listening to music is really enjoyable. Unfortunately, the operation is sometimes awkward because, for example, after adjusting the equalizer, I have to press apply before the change takes effect after a short wait. This is quite tedious, but rather a Volumio feature than Integro. Or the clipping message, which must first be suppressed in order to make changes to the settings. Sometimes you don’t have enough time until the next clipping message appears. The reaction time of the Volumio app volume control or song changes in Spotify (only with active dsp) is poor, which can be annoying sometimes.

But now to the real Integro problems/bevaviours that might be solved/changed:

  • After powerlessness, I have to press the power button for Volumio to boot up. I would like Volumio to start up completely, like a DIY device. Is this possible?
  • Sometimes the Integro logs into the Wifi with a 169 IP address. Then I have to disconnect the Wifi connection so that it is re-established by the Integro with an address assigned by the DHCP server. Is this a known problem? I am not at home at the moment and can submit a corresponding log later.
  • Sometimes the Spotify Connect plugin crashes and works again after deactivation and activation.

Thank you!

@ded can you pick up on this…

It’s not possible with the current firmware, but I will add this feature to the “request list” to be evaluated internally. Ideally there should be an entry in the settings menu, where the behavior after the power is connected can be chosen (stand-by or boot)


FusionDsp is free comunity developped plugin (by me :wink: ). Yes, you have to press “Apply” after you set Eqs.

As you saw, it is an experimental feature. I disabled it in current v1.0.48. It doesn’t mean it can’t clip, especially if auto pre amp is disabled.

Is it better without FusionDsp enabled?

That would be very nice and exactly what I would wish for :slight_smile:

Yes, I forgot during writing :slight_smile: It is a very valuable plugin for me. Thank you for developing! But would it be possible to apply the changes immediately, without pressing apply?

To hear the effect of the changes, the auto preamp is disadvantageous. It may be a good practice to activate it only after setting the equalizer? I didn’t think the clipping message was bad at all, it would just be good if it wasn’t modal.

I will try it out as soon as I am back home.