Volumio Error no Results, and slow response

Since about 1 week Qobuz has been slow in responding to commands from my web player, where I select a song, nothing happens, then 30s later the song plays. Same with the iOS app.

Today Qobuz shows Error No Results.

I am running the latest 3.301 update, restarted my Volumio, logged out and ni of Qobuz. All with no change.

Volumio service status page seems fine.

Is anyone experiencing the same?

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I’m having a similar issue.
log attached

It’s already been reported, see these two threads.
And in both threads there are responses from Volumio.

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This was a 30 minutes downtime of the fallback infrastructure we’ve put in place. It has been solved and we are closely monitoring it. Situation is back to normal now.

If you are still having this issue, just restart your system. If that does not work still, restart your router then your system (to refresh DNS)


Thanks – I had the same problem.


Thanks. Would it be possible to maybe announce scheduled down times on Twitter?