Volumio doesn’t seem to treat various artist (VA) albums properly

Be nice to fix the normal search first and playback options. As mentioned it doesn’t seem to treat various artist (VA) albums properly, and returns each track as a separate album, and stops after the first one you play…

Wouldn’t mind testing out Premium, but wouldn’t be able to go back to virtuoso (unless trialled it with a different account (?)

This is off topic, but I do the following on various artist albums: Use Mp3tag to clear the contributing artist field and set album artist to “Various Artists”. Album name remains of course. Works perfectly. If you want (and have the time) you could add the contributing artist to the song title.

Now back to the beta test …

My tags are correct, VA not various artists as the album artist but will retag and see if it makes a difference ( which I’m sure it won’t, as I swear I saw a setting somewhere mentioning both formats). You may be playing them in a different way not searching as I do (navigating through folders from the USB location seems to be the only way it works properly.

Sorry for your inconvenience but have asked about this about 10 times.

Please stay on topic here.
the setttings is indeed in Volumio:

Thanks - I thought I did start a topic somewhere but don’t mind the posts being summariesd here.

I do have those (defualt) settings as per above in volumio (and notice it includes VA).
The Foobar tag fields shows album artist, windows has an additional field for contributing artist (which mustn’t be the same thing)?

It’s a shame a lot of the mp3tag apps aren’t as good or easy as they were back in the day - mp3tag seems to be the one i found but hardly a one-click solution.

I spent a lot of time ripping and tagging albums back in the day, usin EAC, mp3tag&rename (not functional anymore) and replaygain, m3u, md5 etc.

Still doesn’t work - added VA to the contributing artists as well as album artist, rescanned/updated library in volumio:

It does work, it took me a bit of fiddling to get it right. As noted above it’s the tags plus the sorting.

Then this is the view under Various Artists.

Then the view of one of the VA albums

This is how it looks in MP3Tag.

And here are the music library settings.

Ok thanks will have a look at resorting or re-tagging VA to various artists (but looking at those settings either should work). Perhaps I’ve got track numbers on

I think yours probably works as you have a whole folder called various artists, mine are tagged:
VA-Album Name-year.

Works perfectly in foobar.

Just wanted to confirm what happens if you type the name of one of those VA albums in the search bar - are your results the same as your list above? Of course I can navigate to the albums via Music Library → USB → etc. My tagging is fine.

The way it doesn’t group the results as the same album when typing as a search was my main issue.


I tried a search for Disintegration Revisited, it worked.

I’m not navigating the folder structure under Music Library, I scrolled down through the Artists listing to V, as shown in the fist screen capture in the previous post.
It isn’t working because of the parent folder name either, it’s because all the music in all the folders under Various Artists is tagged Various Artists in the Album Artist field.
I was frustrated with what was happening when I tried to get them to display as part of one album and appear under Various Artists, it wasn’t until I carefully standardised the tags and fields used that I got it to work correctly.

Yeah mate I understand all that, will have another guy tonight. I think the key difference is you’ve got yours all under a folder, various artists minor in the same brute folder as all the other albums, although the tags are correct. Either that or volume meio isn’t actually recognising VA, but I did rain tag, one is various artists and no difference.

Guess I could remove the library and add again, or do a factor reset.

I can confirm it is now working. For whatever reason my tags were correct in windows explorer and in Foobar etc but when open the files with Mp3tag the Album Artist fields are empty.

What I can assume is that the tags are an old version, when I ripped & tagged in 2007 using EAC & Tag&Rename. I also tested that VA and Various Artists works, and they don’t need to be in a subfolder.

Thanks and happy to get this sorted!
(and retag all the VA when I get time)

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thanks for reporting back to us. Enjoy your music with Volumio :+1:

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