Volumio + board choice

Hi there
I am going to build a music server around volumio.
As I understood it has an option of remote control.
From all boards only cubietruck has build in wifi, is this the only board I can use with my smartphone to control music,
or there more options, including BBB (possibly) ?

Thank you

I´m using a Raspberry Pi Model B with a Wifi USB Dongle.
Works great!

But it takes space (usb) plus price of dongle is tend to reduce price difference.
Nonetheless good to know wifi is implementable.
I think advantage of cubietruck over like BBB is wifi and spdif, but if cubie #2 works fine with dongle then it is easier to choose.

You can control all volumio devices via Wifi. There is no need for the board to have a WiFi interface in order to be controlled from a smartphone.

So what would be ideal board for music streaming and some video (sans Raspberry)?

BTW how remote control is implemented then ?

Volumio can be controlled using the Web UI (via Smartphone, Tablet, Pc), an App (which supports MPD) or with the Airplay and UPnp Feature.

Thank you

Good to have multidevice control opportunity

I ve narrowed it down to:

BBB / CUbie2 /Cubie3 …

Sorry for being pain.
Just to clarify:
Volumio supports viarious format music playback from hdd
Does it support any web streaming ?

Video is out of the question, i think ?

so far i know, only audio streaming (wmx, m3u,pls,rm …)

What would be awesome is support of spotify/deezer services.
Deezer improved their bitrate beyond 320 so it is already the reason to do so.
I need to sell my squeezebox duet streamer and move on to volumio, and the only problem is lack of spotify.

As well, can anybody confirm AK4399 dac chip can work with any of mentioned boards ?

Talking Raspberry Pi:

If you want absolute audio quality, go for Volumio at the moment and use an I2S board like HifiBerry, IQAudio Pi DAC or similar. Control it via the web interface, MPDroid or MPoD.

If you want versatility, try PiMusicBox http://www.pimusicbox.com/ which enables streaming integration.

But there’s also Archphile http://archphile.org/screenshots and RuneAudio http://www.runeaudio.com/. Maybe there are others too.

For music only, the Pi is quite capable (although you really need an I2S board to avoid any USB problems). Plenty of development going on as shown above, support and enclosures to choose from. And it’s really cheap!

If you’re interested in video, check out Openelec http://openelec.tv/

There might be more!

Thanks for great advise. I will consider all options
My whole system is diy, only dac and xmos will be from ebay, but tweaks planned, like caps rolling and change of opamp. Possibly feed with linear psu and so on.
I hope venture into diy streamers and music servers will pay off :slight_smile:

It seems rpi is the most supported platform. Only actual processing power puts me off slightly.
Difficult to trust it but looks like it is unfounded.

Are those pops and clicks I remember seeing people mentioned on forums of any particular concern?

And again :slight_smile:
Is there any comparable test was done between volumio and other software?

I have a Raspberry Pi and have never heard pops or clicks…

Buy the Device you want, like Twerp said, there are a few other projects.
Some of them only supports Raspberry some supports other Devices.

So far i know: No
You can test it yourself, when you bought a Device…

Thank you

How better model B RPI is ?

I cannot believe, but it seems my best bet would be raspberry model B :slight_smile:
For such low money I can buy it without fear, play with software versions, choose one I like and voilà !

BTW B+ model looked nice, until I ve read about change in power regulator, they put instead of linear switching one. It could be the source of noise in audio .

Buy it, if you have a problem you can make a thread and post your problem.

Encouraging :smiley: