Volumio 3 UI not loading fully in Android or iOS mobile

**Volumio 3 Issue

Saw the volumio 3 issues hints and solutions threat but couldn’t find a solution.

I installed Volumio 3 on a pi3 board with Allo Boss HAT (both powered separately). The system booted and I setup everything. Sounds excellent but the UI takes hours to load completely specially the lower line with setting, power menu. So I am not able to power off the pi which is pretty inconvenient. Actually what I observe is the graphics part of the ui is not loading or rather taking ages to load. This is true both for my Android 11 and ios 15.6 os.
Please advice what to do.

i’m running volumio 3.251 on pi4
on ios 15.5 it’s loading normal ( this is the latest for my ipad )
and for android 12 last update 1 june 2022
it’s loading normal.

i think that there could be something in your network blocking it.