Volumio 3 not showing plugins in UI

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I am new of Volumio. I installed Volumio 3(Ver:3.215) on Raspberry 4. But there is no plugins showing in the WEBUI. how to solve this problem?

Read the message on your screen (top right) :wink:

No message showed.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: let’s say you are a jocker…

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His interface is displayed in Chinese, so I’ll translate that message for him.

@jerrylong 你要先注册一个MyVolumio帐户,然后登入才能安装插件喔。


But from the first image, it appears he is already logged in…

Thanks for your clarification.
You are right, he seems to be logged in. Could be a internet restriction?

Does Volumio servers block connections from certain countries? The UI is displaying Simplified Chinese , which could be Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia…

What URL does Volumio need to connected? GitHub? I think internet block is the problem in China Mainland.

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I would think so too, if you’re in Mainland China. I think Volumio servers are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), but I didn’t think the Great Firewall would block every connection to AWS…

@volumio, could you advise?

Thank you for the reply. I am thinking of using openwrt router to change the web construction of my home. Damm Great Firewall.

If you enable ssh, you can test Volumio endpoints

volumio endpointstest

It should return something like :

https://google.com, 849 ms: OK
https://www.googleapis.com, 390 ms: OK
https://securetoken.googleapis.com, 5066 ms: FAILED
https://myvolumio.firebaseio.com, 768 ms: OK
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 3005 ms: OK
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 578 ms: OK
https://browsing-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 625 ms: OK
http://cddb.volumio.org, 2891 ms: OK
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 3017 ms: OK
http://pushupdates.volumio.org, 948 ms: OK
http://plugins.volumio.org, 3424 ms: OK
https://database.volumio.cloud, 871 ms: OK
https://radio-directory.firebaseapp.com, 789 ms: OK
WARNING!!! Some remote endpoints cannot be reached!
Failing endpoints: 
https://securetoken.googleapis.com, 789 ms

Don’t think either, especially since there a 2 big AWS data centers located in China.

I think buy a new router witch could use OpenWRT is the onle way to solve the problem.

Yes it is indeed the GFW that block the Volumio from Internet. :rage:
when I test the Volumio endpoints

volumio endpointstest

I got this:

volumio@volumio:~$ volumio endpointstest
https://google.com, 161 ms: FAILED
https://www.googleapis.com, 5069 ms: FAILED
https://securetoken.googleapis.com, 5070 ms: FAILED
https://myvolumio.firebaseio.com, 5071 ms: FAILED
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 14679 ms: FAILED
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 5075 ms: FAILED
https://browsing-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 6644 ms: OK
http://cddb.volumio.org, 9357 ms: FAILED
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 5082 ms: FAILED
http://pushupdates.volumio.org, 5082 ms: FAILED
http://plugins.volumio.org, 10164 ms: FAILED
https://database.volumio.cloud, 3275 ms: OK
https://radio-directory.firebaseapp.com, 3607 ms: OK
WARNING!!! Some remote endpoints cannot be reached!
Failing endpoints:
https://google.com, 3607 ms
https://www.googleapis.com, 3607 ms
https://securetoken.googleapis.com, 3607 ms
https://myvolumio.firebaseio.com, 3607 ms
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 3607 ms
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 3607 ms
http://cddb.volumio.org, 3607 ms
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 3607 ms
http://pushupdates.volumio.org, 3607 ms
http://plugins.volumio.org, 3607 ms

After Changed my Web structure. Now the Plugins show up.