Volumio 3 Beta: x86 with kernel 6.1 & latest firmware

Hi Marco, would you mind moving the last few posts (covering the acer laptop) please? It’s ok-ish here, but after the beta this thread is dead so it is better to have it documented as an audio issue in the general x86 thread.

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Yep, moved it.

Update on the beta: the touchscreen issue is not moving at all. So far it has only been tied to one partical screen.

We’ll give it a few more weeks and then decide to release or continue to wait for a fix.
Let’s see what happens when Linus decides that 6.1 is LTS. Then more reports may arrive because greater numbers of people will upgrade from 5.10 LTS or 5.15 LTS to 6.1 LTS.
The problem only started with 5.16!

yeah, I can wait. For me it’s nice to have, not mandatory :+1:

same here - ready to test something new when it’s available. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I intend to do some more testing with 6.1 as there have been quite a few fixes over the last few months. Time to verify them with Volumio, is anyone still following this thread and willing to test?

you know I will.

I can of course

And me!

Ok, I’ll try to build one sometime this coming weekend.


There is a new version Volumiobuster-3.538-2023-08-07-x86_amd64

I did some testing and noticed (on a Lenovo T15p Gen 3) it now loads with graphics enabled, but there seems to be an issue with Intel WIFI 6E AX211, using the iwlwifi driver. It has firmware issues with this module. Investigating.

Also note, this is based on the current volumio development core, which may not be completely stabile, just report your issues and I will evaluate.


tested today with my 12-years-old chinese Surface clone, with Celeron CPU

I did the first boot from USB, then installed on internal SSD, no problem at all.

The UI on the touchscreen is shown from the second boot onwards, it is very responsive and the touch works fine too. I have also installed the chrome add-on for screen keyboard, I can fully control the device without any phone/tablet/pc.

I did not find any particular problem, the only thing it doesn’t work is Bluetooth.
I can find and pair from my Android phone and from my windows PC, but if I try to play no sound comes from the x86 device running Volumio, and metadata are not sent to the paired device.


Please forget my previous statement: after a reboot, Bluetooth playback works fine!


Hi Dario,

thanks for testing this.
I can also confirm success with some different devices, old and new(ish)

  • older HP x2 detachable 10-p15nz, no issues
  • older HP Pavilion dv6, no issues
  • older Asus N550J, no issues
  • newer Lenova Yoga 520, no issues
  • newish CHUWI Larkbox, no issues (but hardware not recommended , annoying loud fan, worst ever for an x86 volumio audio device)
  • very recent Lenovo T15P Gen 3, wireless issue with WiFi AX211 under investigation

Seeing feedback it appears old hardware is well covered, however.
There is newer hardware around (last 0-1-2 years) which needs attention, mainly with networking and graphics issues.
Please help us testing when you can and post the results, also when positive.
Preferable with complete brand/type/model or output from lshw or at least some kind of hardware description.

I can also test on another laptop, a chinese Kuu Yobook Pro.

I can try USB boot but I won’t install on internal SSD, because it’s my travel laptop with Windows and Lubuntu

here the test results on my Kuu YoBook Pro

lshw.txt (29.2 KB)

  • Volumio boots without problems, the UI is loaded properly
  • WiFi works out-of-the-box
  • The onboard Analog output is not recognized (but I had problems to have it working on Lubuntu too, I had to move to the OEM kernel and apply some other changes I don’t remember now)

Perhaps it needs an additional driver or firmware, a log could show more.

here it is


if I remember correctly, I followed this guide to have audio from speakers/headphones working with Lubuntu