Volumio 3 Beta: x86 with kernel 6.1 & latest firmware

Dear x86 testers,

In order to support cutting edge x86 hardware, it is necessary to upgrade the x86 kernel and corresponding firmware.
I prepared a short Volumio 3 Beta test for this. You cannot do an OTA update to this version as the beta needs to be kept separate from the normal x86 builds with the old kernel.

Please download and flash the following version to a USB stick and boot from it.
There is no need to copy the software to an internal disk, running from USB is fine for the beta test.
(Of course, copying is not forbidden).


v3.424 is a first x86_amd64 version and acts as a starting point for the tests.

  • Flash 3.424, boot and put volumio in test mode.
  • Then use the OTA option in the system menu to update to the next version to see if that works for your hardware.
  • Please test the next version with emphasis on your hardware (sound devices, eth/wireless, bluetooth, touchscreens etc.)

Please report your findings in this thread, in case of issues please add

  • Whenever possible, the URL of the logfile you created with the log function from the dev page Howto: Send a log
  • Output from “lspci” and “inxi -Fxxxz”

Though most changes should be included, there is no guarantee everything works, first feedback already showed tyou need to be aware of touchscreen issues, which is currently being worked on.

Known issues

  • The Volumio Selection in webradios is not shown. This is not an error, just a limitation of running as ‘volumiobuster’ instead of ‘volumio’.
  • There are issues with some touchscreens, display works ok but “touch” may not wortk. Please report with as much info you have, also notebook/tablet brand and model.

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Tested with:

  • NAD D3045 => Pass
  • Pro-ject prebox S2 Digital => Pass
  • KGuss Dac K3 => Pass
  • Topping E30 II => Pass
  • IFI Audio Zen DAC => Pass
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Device 15b3 => Pass
  • Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) => Pass


  • AC1300 => Pass
  • Humax 150n => Pass
  • Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01) => Pass
  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 driver => Pass


  • Dell Wyse 3040 => Pass
  • HP Elite Desk G1 800 => Pass
  • Dell Inspiron 11 3180 => Pass
  • Dell Latitude E4200 => Pass
  • Toshiba Satellite Click Mini L9W-B-100 (Dock keyboard and Touchscreen working :smile: ) => pass
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I believe the OTA update failed, I will check that again.

Meanwhile, could you flash

and re-test?

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Not on all I hope?

Fixing the issues, please hold

Issues resolved, please re-read the OP.
Starting image is now v3.424, OTA updating to v3.425 and then the detailed hw test please.
So when you have 3.424 already, you can do an update immediately.

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@Wheaten: obviously kernel 5.10.139 did not support internal audio on those devices.
Could you do a aplay -l for both? It could be a missing sound card profile for those.

No need to solve for me, just wanted to add some older hardware. Those oldies work with a USB - DAC.
Just mentioned them to be complete.

With the Toshiba I see you also have an internal bytcr-rt5640 sound card, this should be working.
My HPx2-10pxx does with the same card, I remember someone else had an issue with it.
Mine has headphones and speaker, with a software source switch made for it, perhaps that interferes.
You may need alsamixer to get it going.

Will retry this one, seems fun if it is fully working. Was already more then surprised that both the Docking and touch-screen was working.
Need to reflash the USB as I was to fast with diskpart :frowning_face:

The sattelite Click mini has nearly the same specs as the HPx2-10pxx, sure we can get this fully working. I’ll keep a note. There is more info I need for it, I’ll ask as soon as I have more time.
Could you do me a log for this anyway?

Just did the fresh install and now audio is working. I expect this was due to just swap the USB between devices. Will modify my findings.
So far it looks OK.

Yes, when using same stick between diff devices you need to rewrite the audio configuration. Fell in that trap before😀

So All 3 are working. Was indeed related to swapping the USB without a factory reset first. :partying_face:

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Toshiba as well?

Yep, Docking keyboard, touchscreen, correct resolution, Audio, buttons and BT. Just a fun tablet where I’ve installed Bliss OS on, to run the volumio APP

Does it switch to headphones when plugged in, silencing the speakers?

Yep even that is working :slight_smile:
Only thing that is not working is holding the volume button to raise or lower the volume.
Need to press it repeatedly to raise or lower volume. for both hard- as software mixer.

I only see that the kernel is still reporting V5.10.139-Volumio

Correct, volume handling is not ideal, but that is the way Linux handles it at the moment.
These sound cards are special anyway, Volumio does not implement Alsa UCM, but UCM is the only way to control them. Volumio only sees the subdevice, not being able to switch output within the subdevice. So for x86 there is some extra software to initialise the card using UCM and an event handler to cope with headphone/speaker switching (currently implemented for the rt5640).

that’s because you did not do the OTA update…