Volumio 3 Beta: x86 kernel regression with 6.1 & CIFS mounting

My system is HP Chromebox G1. I can not mount my NAS Seagate with ver 3.426. With Odroid N2 have not problem.Can you help me ? Gkkpch.
This is my report http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/kOK37Bl.html

This is perhaps not beta kernel related.
Please test this with a regular x86 version first and report in the regular x86 hardware issues thread.
Then re-test with the beta and we will see whether we have a regression or not.

Re-testing after using the current version (not beta) is important.
I have seen a regression report regarding CIFS and kernel 6.1
You could do us a favor by testing current and beta, feedback would really appreciated.

Ok. I will test and reply to you.

With Volumio Ver 3.423 I still can not mount my NAS Seagate.
This is the log file http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/EcxqAYR.html.
I hope you can find the reason.

I am so sorry. I have a mistake. With Volumio Ver 3.423 I can mount my NAS Seagate.
This is the log file http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/mAn7u0i.html.

and did you repeat the test on 3.426, because that is what we would like to know?

With Volumio Ver 3.426 I still can not mount my NAS Seagate.

Thanks for testing this again, it appears that we have a kernel regression with CIFS mounting.
This is very unusual, Ii now needs to be tested on others machines.

@All: please test mounting a CIFS network drive when you the opportunity to do so.
It would be good to have a little more feedback regarding this issue.
I will be testing it later this week too, I have only used nfs mounts for testing so far.

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just downloading V3.424 and upgrade to V3.426?

V3.324: No issues mounting CIFS

V3.326: No issues mounting CIFS

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It could still be an smb version issue, according to the log and regression report.
But this has not been confirmed yet.

Edit: this is the reported kernel error
It corresponds to the error in @rong70 log and seems to occur only with legacy smb version (1.0).
Luckily there is a patch for it in 6.1.10, I will build a new beta version later this week.

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Haven’t tested old SMB versions, as live moved on since 1990 :slight_smile:

First good thing: kernel 6.1 has now officially been declared as LTS, so it will be at least supported until December 2026, from experience we know this can often go 2-4 years longer.

@rong70 please boot from your existing (usb) 3.426 boot location, set test mode in the /dev page and do an OTA update, it will take you to 3.429
Ofc you are free to download
directly and test. This should solve your issue.

In case feedback from #rong70 is positive, then we have another goodie:

  • 6.1.y LTS is stable for Volumio

There is a Toshiba Mini Click issue which has been reported and confirmed as regression, but no reaction was seen.
For the latter I would like to wait with 6.1, not only for @Wheaten (because he deserves it), but because there may be other devices involved once people start moving from pre-5.16 to 6.1.y kernels.


Thanks for your help, Gkkpch.
After update from ver 4.26 to 4.29. That good for all. I can mount my NAS Seagate quickly and do anything with my NAS. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the feedback!

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