Volumio 3 Beta test: New init

Successfully updated from v3.678 to v3.679 OTA
Volume Options under Playback Options are correctly in place
log report in case you need it http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/rGyMZY7.html

Nothing stands out. Thank you for providing them.

Really good experience in general. Great job.

Only issue is with controlling volume output using the app. Initially it works fine, but then starts become slow to respond sometimes taking minutes to change, making it feel like it has a life of its own!

Running on Pi 5, booting from 1tb Nvme drive (simple install and conversion process - great job!) and playing via Topping E30II dac. Mostly using Qobuz, but problem shows up with local files too.


It breaks dstmMix plugin (LMS), I will have to check why


In the logs there is quite a number of events registered:
entangled with quobuz queue processing.
Latest socket.io should have fix this and other things in the backed.
Will pass this by devs internal channels.


At this stage, we are not able to cover plugin issues, this is for the plugin author/ developer to handle. Please contact the plugin author, with reference to this post, and ask for his advice.

LOL, @chourmovs_vs is the plugin author :slight_smile:

One thing that may play role here is 3.674 update socket.io to v2.3

Hi @nerd ,

Maybe you already aware that the last beta version that works with the PeppyMeter Plugin was 3.671.


Hey Andy,

Thank you for bringing this up - another “casualty” of the updated socket version.
Will reach out to the dev on priv channel.

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In fact it breaks nothing, LMS was joinable at port 9001 instead of port 9000, I don’t understand why.
I changed port to 9000 withing webapp network settings and everything is fixed
Curious to know if it happened to other user…

LMS will automatically take the next port if for whatever reason 9000 is reported as occupied. Had the same experience a while ago.


Key improvements:

  • Fix for volume dropping to zero after a reboot, is some corner cases
  • Other, less noticeable

Testing 3.689 clean install to RPi 3 IQaudIO DAC PLUS

BBC Radio 3 link is still playing Radio 4
BBC Radio 4 link has no icon

Hoping that these can be corrected

Thank you for reporting.
Will check what is happening here.

I did the OTA update from 3.679 to 3.689
Works fine.
Running on RPi3 with generic USB key and Hifiberry Digi+.


Hello…I flashed the latest Volumiuo beta onto a Kingston USB stick, 512GB and wanted to use it to install Volumio on my RaspiPi 4 with the original 7" touch screen…it doesn’t work with the USB stick (see picture ).

The part just stays stuck, even after half an hour. Reconnecting Raspi to power doesn’t help, the stick is then recognized and Volumio starts, but somehow files are corrupted and no plugins can be installed (e.g. touch screen, system information, etc.)

The same with a Samsung SSD T7, 500GB, no problems whatsoever…except an error message from “Alsa” (see picture). Audio card is the “iQaudIO Dac Pro”. But music can be heard well via the outputs (speakers or headphones)…

Volumio beta is the v3.689

Same here with 2 RasPi 5 - Both fail on restart after OTA from 3.679 to 3.689.

After restarting a new splash screen says Volumio is upgrading and will restart but sat there for 1/2 hour with no change. After re-powering up just a blank screen.

I will reflash an sd card and reinstall again (thank goodness for the backup and restore plugin :grinning:



Can you generate logs and post the link please?

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Fresh install - not OTA. Correct?

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