Volumio 3 Beta test: New init

Hi @nerd ,
well, I think 14 days ago at 3.676 the MyVolumio thing did work directly after the OTA.

3.695 - Factory reset and first start wizard at the local UI (HDMI display attached):
=> Tidal login fails here reproducibly.


Tidal login via the QR code and smartphone works correctly.

Couldn’t we remove the first Tidal login (username/password) in the Wizard? two steps after the (not working) tidal login on the volumio screen I have the (working) Tidal login via the QR code, anyway.

Sorry, that was my fault - the first login screen of the startup wizard is not for the Tidal login but for the MyVolumio login (and that works fine). It might be helpful to add a “MyVolumio login” text there. :smiley: :interrobang:

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This screen would gain by a hint containing the string “MyVolumio” to make sure what kind of account is meant here. :blush:


Key improvements:

  • Improved mpd service re-cycle


  • Fix for missing library after reboot with slow USB devices


  • Add Album title to playlist, queue and play next

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btw: I really LOVE this new and informative screen at early startup time! :heart:

OTA to 3.699 did work here (x86).

Tidal fav titles "Sorted by: Date added :small_red_triangle: " - playback does not work
If sorted by “A to Z” or "Date added :small_red_triangle_down: " playback does work.

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OTA uptade from 3.695 to 3.699 without problem (Pi4 with 8Gb SD Card)
I’m also using the ‘Touch screen’ and ‘Display now’. No flaws.

Hey @MitchStoner ,
Thank you for your feedback.

The update to 3.699 worked without any problems for me, including MyVolumio - everything was great.
Qubuz works without any problems immediately after the restart.
I haven’t noticed any problems so far - everything was great.

No plugins
RPI3 with Allo BOSS
RPI2 with Allo DigiOne Signature
Allo Nirvana

Good morning

The update via OTA worked for me too…apart from the usual restart when using a USB stick or USB SSD… :wink:

Kind Regards


Key improvements:

  • Improved mpd service and mpd socket unit relation


  • Fix for plugins extending mpd configuration

OTA to 3.701 did work here (x86).

Tidal fav titles "Sorted by: Date added :small_red_triangle: " - playback does not work
If sorted by “A to Z” or "Date added :small_red_triangle_down: " playback does work.


OTA to 3.701 worked on both my setups

OTA uptade to 3.701 without problem (Pi4 8Gb - SD Card 8Gb).

meaning ?

Thanks for update anyway :cupid:

The systemd units are occasionally trying to be too smart for their own good. A classic “chicken and egg” situation affecting mpd.service systemd unit and mpd.socket system socket on which mpd.service systemd unit depends.

Kind Regards,

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Hey @nerd , thanks for your hard work. Here’re my update for you. Both are 3.701 now.

RPi5 with 1TB NVMe upgraded OTA with no problem. The system reboot just fine.

RPi4 with a 32GB USB 3.0 drive upgraded OTA with no problem but I had to reboot manually twice (yes, 2 times) before it works again.