Volumio 3 Beta test: Auto updates

Dear Volumioners,

As our christmas present to you we present a new Volumio 3 beta feature that has been much requested by the community: Automatic updates :confetti_ball:. This will ensure that your system is always up to date with the latest new features and bugfixes.

This new beta is ready to download now and includes:

  • Automatic update checking with a notification in the UI
  • A configurable option to automatically install updates at night
  • Test mode is now automatically disabled after a software update

How does it work?
Your system will automatically check for new firmware every 12 hours. When a new update is available the following notification will be shown in the UI:


Click the notification to open the software update interface.

Automatic updates are disabled by default (for now) and can be enabled in the sytem settings menu. Press the “Automatic Updates” switch and press save to enable it.

How to test?
Put your system in test mode and install the latest update. After the update, go to the dev page en re-enable test mode, since this is automatically disabled after every update from now on.

How to enable test mode?

  • Type your IP address in any browser, followed by /dev (example http://{your.i.p.address}/dev
  • Below test mode, click on TRUE

Next thursday (29-12) we will push a new (identical) software update, wait untill the software update notification is shown, this could take up to 12 hours. When auto update is enabled your system will be automatically updated at night within the next 24-48 hours. The current version of your firmware is displayed in the system settings page.

Please provide us with your feedback in this thread. Happy testing and we wish you all a very voluminous 2023!

Links to images if you want to flash tour device manually:


Awesome! Unfortunately not able to test the beta as I’m abroad.

May I suggest in addition the feature to be able to set the time for automatic installation (let’s say 4:30 at night?)? In other words: I would like to make sure that my system does not restart during a party or a late night listening session.


Great, i will prepare a test system to see what will happen

Generally most features work well in Volumio 3.414, but UPNP/AV functionality is unfortunately still very limited.
When playing tracks from Tidal in the mConnect application connected via UPNP/AV with Volumio 3.414, the progress bar does not work and the playback stops after each track (I also checked it on another microSD card with Volumio 2.917 and it works fine there).

New builds are now available. Please wait for the update notification, or the auto update within 24-48 hours (if enabled).

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Will the notification pop up on any page?

The upgrade worked fine for me.
Yesterday the notification was, today the new version is apparently installed.

The Version and Release Date area under System is blank. (previously was version 4.414 from 12/04/2022)

Did you refresh the screen (Chrome CTRL+F5)?

Worked fine - i‘m now on v3.416

Happy new year to all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::four_leaf_clover::+1:t3:

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it works here too.

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Please excuse me, you are right.
Everything is now displayed correctly for me.

@mervinio, will beta test work for khadas devices?

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VIM1,2,3 won’t get anymore updates, so the answer will be “no”.

Didn’t had time to test until now. But after a few hours 3.416 seems stable to me.

Update 3.421 broke Qobuz on Integro and RPI4

In fact, the problem is

volumio endpointstest
https://google.com, 562 ms: OK
https://www.googleapis.com, 382 ms: OK
https://securetoken.googleapis.com, 466 ms: OK
https://myvolumio.firebaseio.com, 614 ms: OK
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 1317 ms: OK
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 5158 ms: FAILED
https://browsing-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 5160 ms: FAILED
http://cddb.volumio.org, 850 ms: OK
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 1323 ms: OK
http://pushupdates.volumio.org, 429 ms: OK
http://plugins.volumio.org, 1570 ms: OK
https://database.volumio.cloud, 725 ms: OK
https://radio-directory.firebaseapp.com, 476 ms: OK
WARNING!!! Some remote endpoints cannot be reached!
Failing endpoints: 
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 476 ms
https://browsing-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 476 ms
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everything is back to normal now! :wink:

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Got the notification on my 3b+ based streamer. Downloading now

Volumio 3.421 - the Tidal application in Volumio does not work for me - the Play button does not activate playback

Test Update:
It’s working this morning