Volumio 3.569 - TIDAL problems after update (SOLVED)


After update to 3.569 ver I have problems with TIDAL. Music skips like from an old CD player with broken laser. On radiostation music I can here some noise too. I have the same problem with two devices, on Pi4B - 2GB and Pi4B - 4GB . Everything works without problem till update.

I tried to downgrade to previous ver and everything runs ok.

Is it only my problem ??


More info for you: The same is on HiFiBerry DIGI PRO + and HiFiBerry DIGI 2 PRO in two location, no matter WiFi or Wired with 1Gbit connection.


After 2 days fighting with problem and 2 hours after this thread I solved problem.

I need to turn on resampling audio option and change from native to my DAC parameters.

It is strange that previous version no need to change this option and play smooth.

TIDAL problem one more time.

Today radio, Spotify and other play normal, TIDAL paused and skipped few second. It is not a problem with network speed. My WiFi works with 600Mbit (tested), 1Gbit LAN works over 800Mbit. TIDAL on computer and phone works fine.

Checked on two copies of Volumio. Problem with serwers??

please provide a system log after you encounter the issue

by any chance, do you have fusionDSP installed?


I use USB to coax converter. No I2S hat, no fusion DSP… but checked on HifiBerry Digi + Pro and HifiBerry Digi 2 Pro. The same issue.

Which command is for get system logs?

please see here

I don’t understand this, you mentioned problems with Hifiberry Digi+ and Hifiberry Digi 2 Pro, but then you claim you don’t use any I2S HAT.

Hifiberry Digi+ and Hifiberry Digi 2 Pro are I2S HATs, could you please clarify?

I use USB-coax converter and had problem, to be sure that this problem is not from my converter I put HIFIBerry DIGI’s on Pi and play one more time with the same problem.

Now I know that problem is not only on my USB conv. Now should by clear.


I started this thread when use HifiBerry. Now I use USB-coax Xmos converter but problem is the same (from time to time) and if I have this problem is on I2S HATs and USB.

I will prepare system log but now here is video:

Fiirst is Spotify , at 48 sec start Tidal:



system log


I can see you have peppymeter installed, I suspect it’s the root-cause of the problem.

If possible, please try with a fresh system, without peppymeter installed and verify if the issue is still there

No problem, I don’t use peppy. But everything works without problems till today. Peppy was installed long time ego. I didn’t changed anything. Last time problem was 1 day too and next started play fine. Will check and report without peppy.

Edit: Can system log on Pi5 with not working Waveshare 11.9 help you with solving my other problem??

OK, sorry I didn’t understand it’s an issue of the last few days.
In the first post you claimed it happened after the update to 3.569, this statement was a bit misleading

If that’s the case, you can skip the test with a fresh image without peppymeter, the problem is most probably on the server side, either Volumio ones or Tidal ones

Thanks, I thought about it.

Today still TIDAL issue, few of my favorite songs works, rest with skiping. khz and Bit’s no matter. The same on Pi3, Pi4, Pi5, USB and HATS ( I removed everything from my “Pi box” and connected )

I play from computer and transfer it via Volumio. Not skiping but paused from time to time. It looks like computer has bigger buffer.

I found on Polish audio forum that Tidal users have problems at few days. Probably change DNS will help. I will try and report.


Google DNS and changed nothing.