Volumio 3.423 Appearance settings empty page on x86/64 version

After latest update ti 3.423 version page of appearance has no content instead language change set.

Lost all possibility to change look of interface using web access.
The same in application.

Using classic legacy UI.


you can change UI in the system menu, just below privacy settings

It’s not the same.
In previous version was also possible way to change background image with predefined or uploaded by user. Also background could be a single solid color. Now we haven’t this possibility and I have stuck with previously configured background.

OK, that’s clear, it is a regression compared to the previous version

@mervinio @volumio I think we should revert back the possibility of changing background for Classic and Modern UI

I use Volumio 3.435

Today I wanted to change the background picture for Volumio screen, but the option zo do is is no more available. Is that a known bug/problem and what can I do to get this feature back?

BTW: A friend of mine has the same problem.

Greetings Ulli aka Tarkus

Volumio 3 Issues?

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look under system settings.

There is a workaround until Volumio can fix the issue.

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such a solution sucks!! I’m not an IT specialist and I don’t want to mess with the configuration - I’d rather break something than fix it - I don’t understand what the problem is to make it work like before??? - I select an option from the interface and that’s it - what’s the problem - this is malice on the part of the creators - this is my opinion

and no - this is not a solution to the problem!!!