Volumio 3.395 Fast Beta-Test

Dear Volumioners,
during the past month we’ve worked hard to refactor some big parts of the code, to fix an issue which was annoying to most of you: playback of long tracks with TIDAL and QOBUZ, and them not working after being paused. Not only that, there are lot of fixes in this new release which address small bits.

Considering this is a big rewrite of some delicate internals, we would like to request a bit of help from the community to report if it works fine before releasing it. Of course, we did extensive QA on this release… So we don’t expect major problems.

This is what changes:

Fix Pause and long tracks playback in TIDAL and QOBUZ
Faster retrieval of long playlists
Fixed translations not appearing in certain occasions
Bigger artwork on small displays
Fix for discovery crashing

To test it, simply put your device in TEST MODE (remember to disable it after the update) and let us know your findings.

Especially, do test TIDAL and QOBUZ and generally playback stability (please test without installing Fusion DSP if possible, that’s another area where we want to improve)…

In case you have problems please report:

  • What the issue is. What the behaviour should have been
  • Your system, Wifi or Wired Connection, Audio Device
  • Send log using the /dev facility

Thanks and enjoy!!!

Will test it for the next couple of days and report the findings.

  • I will do this with a starting point of factory reset, (as I’ve messed up OTA, due to kernel header updates)
  • Activated Qobuz
  • Activated Spotify
  • Full library loaded form NAS
  • No plugins installed.
  • Manual install of LMS (libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl + logitechmediaserver_8.2.0_all.deb)


installed and report the findings.

Same here. So far so good!

Although not mentioned in the changelog above after installing this upgrade support of / interaction with chromecast devices now seems bulletproof. Good work thanks!

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Tested with:

  • x86, rPi4-8GB
  • Wired
  • Fix Pause and long tracks playback in TIDAL and QOBUZ
    Tested with some tracks with length between 9 and 11 minutes. Couldn’t find any longer that I could bare to listen too. playback and pause (5-25 minutes) seems to work. The playback continuous without issues.

  • Faster retrieval of long playlists
    Wasn’t even aware that this was an issue. tested with a playlist containing 385 tracks, which loaded in 5 seconds. So I don’t consider this to be an issue. Playing a random track takes approx. 10-15 sec. for the first selection. After that every random track starts within 1-2 sec.
    I do notice that the rPi has more hickups than the x86.

  • Fixed translations not appearing in certain occasions
    This is very intermitted so impossible to test on command. I think I have observed this behavior 4 or 5 times in 2 years when loading Qobuz, using the WEB UI. But I have always hit the F5 key, to solve it.

  • Bigger artwork on small displays
    The cover scaling seems to do it job, however the font size is not taken care of. If your height < 320 the text starts to slide over each other. (Control part does not rescale properly)

  • Fix for discovery crashing
    Need some more details how to test this, or even what it means.

  • Artist discovery
    This seems to become an unpredictable rolling dice. Every time I clear a library or perform a “reset album cache” It’s a random guess if artist are populated with art. Every time previous found artist turns empty after a new scan. Using the same library, same hardware.
    So i’ve started with personal art containing 23 pictures and now (same library) 175 entries. After the rescan, for this test, of my (unchanged) library, again 107 are missing.
    Now from a total of 871 Artists, 275 are not found. It’s getting a bit annoying.

rPi4 log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/HANj0WC.html

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I’ve updated my system 2, and will be using it several hours a day. Not really “testing” it, but if any issue arise, I’ll report.

Raspberry Pi4 with powerbank, into Toppind D10S or iFi ZEN Air DAC, playing flac and DSD on NAS, Qobuz Studio account, and Radio Paradise.

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the raspberry pi has been playing music all day and so far no problems, also the spontaneous rebooting has not happened again.

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Agreed with the comment on the album artwork here. I LOVE the bigger artwork, but it’d be nice for the album art to slide all the way to the left and leave room for text/controls for displays with a narrow height.

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While playing Radio Paradise it looks like nothing is playing at all. System plays the music and keeps being responsive though

Magna Mano Ultra MKII (RPI 3b+ based)
Topping d90mqa dac

Edit: after a minute or 2 the visible information is showing up correctly again

Hi ,
Listening to qobuz for 3 hours and what is displayed on my local screen is not the same as is heard … in the speakers .

I’ve had the same experience a few times

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And another log ;

The music just stopped … I can not start another song via app in qobuz … neither from other sources
I needed a reboot …

My wife said that Volumio 2 was working better … she could also use it but now it is a little hard …

Flawless victory on long listening session on Tidal, however the seeker time is off on the web app versus the Tidal phone app. However when I change the song on the Tidal app while the web ui is open it seems to catch up when the song changes.

Tidal on Android through wifi6.
Running with ethernet on RPI4 8GB through USB into TOPPING D90SE

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Happened again , qobuz just stopped … in order to recover I need to play music from another source .

Tried playing Radio Paradise after several hours of pause. It did not work until I switched to Qobuz and back. Now I am playing Radio Paradise but the UI stays on 0:00 on the last song played on Qobuz

Are you using upnp?
Or directly from volumio ui?

Do you have logs?

Hi .
Directly from Volumio .kindly see above also the logs