Volumio 1.5 for Raspberry PI Feedback Thread

Guys, when you’ve recovered from the immense joy brought to you by this release :smiley:

… just let me know what doesn’t work by reporting bugs here!

Today, you’ll find just Raspberry Pi release, on the following days I’ll update ALL the other platforms. Stay tuned!

Download Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/volumio/files/Raspberry%20PI/1.5/Volumio1.5PI.img.zip/download
Changelog: http://volumio.org/forum/changelog-t1575.html
Blog Post: http://volumio.org/volumio-1-5-best-volumio-audiophile-player-ever/

Not really a bug report concerning this wonderfull piece of software but the torrent like on the download page still points on the previous release :
volumio.org/wp-content/uploads/T … ip.torrent

Too bad while I wanted to seed… :wink:

try it again, should be working
or use this direct link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/volumio/files/Raspberry%20PI/1.5/Volumio1.5PI.img.zip/download

Maybe a thread for general discussion, I want to know how to update from 1.41 to 1.5?

Just changed… Thank you for seeding!

You need to flash this release like the others, the Update System will work from now on! Should I point this out better in the blog post?

download volumio 1.5 and flash it on your sd card (hoply the last time, cause with 1.5 comes the update system)

all your settings and other things are lost when you upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5

Perfect, seeding in progress !

After update 1.5 do I need to run
apt-get update
apt-get install

After I installed?

Can’t get spotify to wok is the any debug message?
Have premium, right login but don’t se anything on library or playlist.

what was changed between 1.41 and 1.5?

you need to restart volumio after you typed in your acc data.
on the browse tab you will see spotify (after the restart^^)

no not as far as i know.

Brilliant! Thanks to Michelangelo, Jotak, and all the other contributors for such a wonderful hi-fi platform!

It should be noted that there are still aspects of Spotify integration that are works-in-progress:

  • The Playlist tab will not show the Spotify queue, but instead only the MPD queue. We’re working a combined queue system which can show MPD tracks, Spotify tracks, and tracks from any other service which may be integrated in the future.
  • After playing from Spotify, you can switch back to MPD mode by stopping playback. A more elegant playback solution will be implemented with the combined queue mentioned above.
  • Currently, there is a short period of time after Spotify playback stops in which MPD playback does not properly start. It seems like the Spop daemon does not like to share ALSA, but we’ll use some “creative” persuasion on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let us know any bugs you encounter!

Hi Volumio- makers!

Have 1.5 up and running on rpi.

Everything works smooth and fine so far! Congratulations!

Some aspects to inspire:

  1. It would be very good to have static IP selectable in wlan settings in the future- I did it manually through SSH again and afterwards I immediately deleted the eth0 part- after that Volumio boots faster with wlan.

  2. The library thing- big thanks to it’s deactivating function and of course- many things are a matter of individual needs.
    But I can’t see the sense in it. It’s useless at all to me.
    It would be better to have an alphabetic indication bar to draw on the right side in the browse-function for faster access to interprets (especially useful with large databases).

  3. Instead of the library function I see more fun in an universal cover view option that is capable of viewing even
    album-stored covers.

  4. The last point is a rather subjective thing: I also tried 1.5 with MPDroid and I have the feeling that, this way played, it sounds slightly clearer, slightly more defined, with a bit of better timing. I will make more comparison today. I’m shure that this is only an issue with very high quality audio systems.

Concerning the above written- my idea for far future: Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a special Volumio app that takes control from outside in order to kick the WebUi completely? So CPU load and general board action could be reduced to the min- what surely would further increase sound quality. Moreover it would be possible to pump this app up with features without performance losses on the boards.

But that is all a discussion on a high level.

Overall V1.5 seems to work very well. Michelangelo, and all who are involved: Thanks to your hard and successful work!!


Thank you for the new release. I think the update integration is a fantastic idea.

Rpi B+ with Audiophonics I2S DAC (hifiberry setting)

16/44.1 wonderful sound, works great. Approx. 4.5% cpu usage by mpd from top command; cifsd 1.3%
24/96 plays at double or triple speed. Approx. 36% cpu usage by mpd from top command; cifsd 14%
24/192 no sound, and system just hangs/ locks up. More than 60% cpu usage by mpd; cifsd about 12%

On 1.41 this did not happen - all worked smoothly and no playback issues. I have not tried a USB install of 1.5 yet, but I will later to see.

I have experimented a lot to find a solution for this bug. It seems that they have changed/disabled 24 bit support on I2s dacs in newer kernels (I also checked latest .31 with rpi-update and it has the same problem).

I checked latest volumio image and it’s kernel is 3.12.29 and I believe that this is the problem.

If you downgrade ex. to kernel 3.12.26 everything will be fine again.

This is a temporary solution of course. Lets hope that in next kernels it is fixed upstream.

It looks to me that updating using “apt-get update” “apt-get upgrade” breaks something…

Just installed and every thing was normal, update and upgrade and it seems that the web server isn’t starting or mpd is missing some thing.
MPD stops listening on 6600.

During the update there was a question about some config file and about something that had to do with purge-locale on both i confirmed with a yes / install the new distributed version of config files.

updated again, now i noticed a warning about Nginx during the update. the init script cant be found, so after reboot nginx doesnt get started.
init nginx.PNG

For compensations Ive made a screenshot of htop before and after the update, and after the update nginx and mpd with all the child’s aren’t running


I have a RPI with a HiFiBerry, just downloaded and installed Volumio 1.5 - pleased to see that Spotify is finally included :slight_smile:
But, the software volume control is not working when playing songs from Spotify - it’s at 100% regardless of the sotfware volume level (I was not at all in doubt that music was playing when I turned on my 2x150W power amp :slight_smile: )

Thanks, this will be the first scenario of the newly included Update mechanism. I’ll release an update soon.

For those using apt-get update && upgrade: DOING THIS WILL BREAK THE SYSTEM…

have you select the software volume control in the settings?

Hi metalrob,
I’ll answer especially those two points since I’m the library instigator. So basically, you’re asking why there is a library… I started to develop it for my own use, because I like to browse my music by genre/artist/album, select several albums from several artists and play them all, doing all of this from a single view whithout having to blindly browse folders ; to summarize: having my own custom filters to create my playlists. This reminds me the old time of winamp:

I used this software - and its “library” feature - a lot, so I bring it back to volumio. I’ve never thought everybody would use it. But if some people wants it, why not doing it in Volumio? Since it’s now deactivable from the settings, I think it’s harmless for people who don’t want to use it.

BTW I’m still working on evolutions to this panel for a future release : smart search function, loading/saving smart playlists (that is, playlists based on filtering criteria rather than exhaustive list of files), songs rating, covers display, etc.