Volume slider behaviour - rescale to max. Volume settings and increments


using Vers. 3.173 at the moment with an iQAudio DAC+ as headphone amp.

I set the max. Volume setting of the hardware mixer to 50%, as my headphones are really easy to drive.

This setting is respected and the Volume slider always drops back to 50% when I try to go higher. But the volume increment setting is always at 5%, it does ignore the “one click volume step” setting I did. So I can only change the volume I am listening to in very big steps. And it is very sensitive to set (small movement results in big change).

I would love if the volume slider would be rescaled between zero volume and the max. Volume setting. And of course the volume step setting should be respected as well.


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Did you set the step in playback settings ?

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Yes, that´s what I did. Has no effect, always stays at 5% steps. This setting does not work and should be fixed. And additional the slider should be rescaled to only show the range between zero and the “max volume level” setting, so it would be finer to adjust.

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I thinks it’s flat volume steps, not percentage.

So if you had 100 max and 10 step > 50 max and 5 step gives the same control.

Just tried it, that setting does not change the behaviour at all on my system. It is always 5% steps, no matter if the setting is at 1 or 20…it is always 5% steps based on the full 0 - 100% scale.

A setting of 1 of 2 would also make no sense imho.

weird. I checked on two system PRIMO and RPI4 and it just work as expected with step 1.
Can you give log after reboot, set to 1 and change volume using one click please?

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OK, here the log:

One more think I just discovered: When I switch to the “now playing” interface I can change the volume slider in 1% steps (but still independend from the “One Click Volume Steps” setting - it has no effect at all). And of course the “now playing” interface is only available in the webinterface, not in the app (which I use mostly from my tablet).

Rescaling of the complete slider would be great here as well of course…

Now i figured what you mean, when you slide the volume bar it snaps in five inchearements, correct?

The volume step option is for when you press the + or - buttons only.

Yes, that´s what I ment! Sorry if I have been unclear, english is not my first language.

For better control, use the + and -.

This might very well be a bug thought, i never thought about it, but yes the slider should also snap with the steps that set in options.

Thanks, somehow I never thought about pressing this buttons. Here it works…sometimes it is so easy. Thanks a lot!

What´s left is the feature request to rescale the volume slider to the max. volume setting (and to resolve the bug).

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Ok I see now! Yes, with slider it is still step 5…