Volume control in the main window

I don’t find it practical that in the Manifest interface, you have to open a menu to get to the volume control.
For me it is very comfortable that it is accessible from the main window as in the traditional interface.


I agree.

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If you use the now playing plugin you still have it in the menu.

Don’t see it using Manifest UI.

But isn’t there a speaker icon in the player screen?

Here you can ask all questions over that UI

No longer, it’s free with the latest official release.

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Oke i didn’t know still on a older version.

Removed that comment.

It’s the same, you have to exit the main window. When I am working many times it is necessary to lower the volume or raise it, it is very practical to do it from the main window.


That sounds like a bad solution @mervinio do you have a solution for this?

Having a controller that you can access immediately and not via a menu is much more what you want, I think. But anyway, at least with my DAC (Allo Piano 2.1 / Kali) it is not recommended to control the volume via the GUI because the sound degrades noticeably if you do not leave it at 100%.

They just want to controle it again from the touch screen like in the early days.

I’m very surprised by this comment… How can you say that volume control in the UI degrades the SQ? What this is based on?


I think he means that controlling the volume from the GUI degrades the audio if you’re volume control is software controlled. (Playback options)

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Software volume control is done in 24bits in Volumio 3.
Allo Piano supports hardware volume control…
Really, I doubt once can hear SQ degradation… I mean in objective terms

SW, you can hear it and very easy to simulate.

  • Set playback options to Software
  • set volume to 5%
  • Increase your volume with your amplifier.

But above test is to the extreme.
Normally you would not touch your amplifier and only use the SW control. That makes it indeed very hard to detect.

What are you supposed to hear in that case?

I was suprised also because I haven’t expected this. However, I came to this when I connected a headphone amplifier. So far I had the headphone mostly connected to my laptop, so I expected a noticeable improvement. But what I realized first of all was that I could not achieve a proper volume. I mean I could make it loud enough for normal listening, but not really loud, which of course with a headphone amp should be no issue. Apart from this I noticed that the sound hasn’t improved compared to the laptop. Therefore I thought the amp is faulty and so I wrote an email to the manufaturer. Later on shortly before I switched it of and went to bed I realized that I had the volume in Volumio only at around 15%. After putting it to 100% I could blow my ears off :slight_smile: The further testing I have then saved for the next day. Before I continued I got the reply from the manufacturer which btw mentioned: “The best would be to have an item (DAC) without any volume knob on it and just let the amp do the thing. It is better like that since the DAC volume can greatly influence the quality of the sound that you want to hear.”. I tried this with the headphone amp and infact the sound improved dramatically. After a while of thinking about it I thought that this acutally needs to apply not only to the headphone amp but also to the normal amp. So I tried it and the differnce is so significant that one does not need to think at blind test.
What I’m not sure about and this might have an influence: I do have activated audio resampling because for my DAC (Allo Piano 2.1 & Kali) this is requierd (because somehow the kernel doesn’t supports it, as far as i understood).
So far I usually set the volume level in Volumio at around 25% so that I had enough “space” for increasing it. So it applied to me often that I had this situation. Now with Volumio set to 100% it’s really close to black and white how much the difference is. Especally also if I listen at very low volumes.
All in all I have to say I’m extremely happy that I figured this out (by chance).

Humm… We can see, from an other point of view, something wrong with your amp…
When volume is low in Volumio, it requires to push the volume of the amp and maybe makes default more evident…
But I can’t believe Allo Piano mixer causes hearable damage in the sound. The DAC used is very well known and I never saw someone complain that it…

noise, crackles, loss of dynamics…

So if you have a static noise level of 0.1% on a full volume output 2V => 0.002V you decrease the volume to 10%, 0.200V, the noise is still 0.002V. The noise is now 1% of the signal. 10 times more.

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Ha! where this ended! It only asked for a volume control on the main window in Manifest mode.

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