Manifest UI Feedback and discussion

Please let us know what you think about our new UI!

The Manifest UI is a new User Interface designed to be minimal and condensing what we believe an User Interface for a music player should do: show the beauty of the Music.
That’s why it’s called manifest:

clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

IMPORTANT! Manifest UI is available to Premium users only ( Virtuoso and Superstar). If you don’t have a Virtuoso or Superstar Account, the Manifest UI will redirect you to the login page.
You can of course use any of the previous UI’s by selecting them from Settings → Appearance (Classic or Contemporary)

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Well, I for one really like it. :smiley:. I like the mouse swipes (hold left button click and swipe) to shortcut to music, settings, and queue. Generally, looks much more classy. :+1:

looks good in general, personally i do not like the blurred album art as backround in “now playing” screen, like it works in android lockscreen since its completely out of context, but in here i would prefer black or something else.

Very positive.
Clean, modern feel. Finally I can get past Classic - Contemporary was not for me.
Browsing album/artist is clearer and seems way faster.
The experience is pleasantly consistent on my laptop, my phone and on the 7" Raspberry touchscreen.
Album and artist info integration is much nicer.

I started a new post prior to seeing this. Love it Love it Love it.

Better than Apple TV, right there with ROON and far better than most. Your new challenge will be all the non technical users flooding over and asking all kinds of dumb questions.

Jokes aside, this was the home run I have been waiting for as I display Volumio on my the large TV’s. Bravo! Tres Bien Merci!


toaster of myvolumio is popping up if closed it’s shows again in 5 seconds…
it’s only in the new manifest UI, if i switch back to old UI it’s not doing that.
seems like a bug.

Please fix this volumio, as I can not use it on my TV. :frowning:

do you have your settings on your tv? lintbf?
found out that this is a firefox issue on chrome it loads oke…
i only have full controle on my 7inch display instead of every where.

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What do you mean with settings? I have an LG tv.

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what browser do you use chrome or / and firefox?
test settings in firefox

My TV is conencted via hdmi to rpi4, I have Touchscreen Display plugin.

oke then your using a chomium based browser,
i run it on my pc and can pick any browser firefox has a problem,
with the settings page it doesn’t load some of the pages in settings menu.

Same issue. As much as I like the new UI it is not usable with this constant account pop up

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@gvolt could you please help us here, it is from the touchscreen display plugin or from volumio os? Thanks

Manifest UI bug because the old UI doesnt have that problem Lintbf.
( not made by him…)

It’s not related to the Touch Display plugin IMO. Here the popup also appears on a smartphone which shows Volumio’s UI in its own browser, i.e. independently from the plugin.

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A couple of interface format issues.

  1. On my phone’s browsers (Vivaldi and Chrome), the bottom of the screen is not visible. With the Android Volumio app it’s perfect.

  2. The Soundcloud formatting is broken with Manifest, but fine on Classic and Contemporary.

soundcloud will be fixed but have to wait until Manifest UI is in its final stage.

Thanks. Overall the ui seems very polished for such an early iteration.