Version 3.601 Massive Bugfest

So far, 3.601 has shown to fail to load the Logitech Media Server on startup, has issues with finding the network (wired), and has been requiring me to login into MyVolumio to get to Plugins when I am already logged in. None of this occured with 3.569. Is an update in the works?

I totally agree. I`m using a Rivo and after the update the Rivo can not be shutdown, it only gets in a standby mode (even if i deactivate the new automatic standby function).
My networkdrive is shown, but i can not create a new database. Only after a factory reset and new installation of my networkdrive, new files are found. But after restarting, the database can not be found.
I hope there is a solution coming soon.

Volumio released a test release to solve multiple issues. So far it seems to do the trick.
But please post a log first it will help Volumio to do some regression testing.
How to send a log.

new version 3.611 with hot-fixes has been released

Unfortunately, still with 3.611 and my Volumio Rivo I am not able to properly shutdown the Rivo. Neither via App nor with the physical button at the device I can shut it down, only the LED on Rivo turns red, but I can still access it and power consumption stays the same, it just continues running. Only opportunity to stop it from running is to cut down the power supply (e.g. by using the physical power off on the back of the Rivo).
I appreciate the new features like reducing LED brightness and starting automatically when power is connected after disconnecting from power and hope that the issue that the shutdown is not possible will be solved soon.

Please let me know if I shall send a log or anything.

you can turn the device completely off (RED LED) by pressing the power button on the front for more than 5 seconds

anyhow, keeping it in sleep mode (LED ORANGE) will make possible to have it on again within seconds, without waiting for the OS boot process.

As a Rivo customer you are entitled to direct support. I don’t have a Rivo (unfortunately!), but no problem shutting down with a Pi on 3.601 and 3.611.

Thanks a lot! Pressing the power button off for 5 seconds does the trick and I have my stand-by mode back :slight_smile: . Furthermore, as mentioned, I appreciate the possibility to reduce the front LED light and I think I use the auto power on mode. In addition the internal LED of the single board computer in the Rivo is not blinking anymore with this version now, at least when the Rivo is running. I appreciate that as well.

However, just for curiosity… is it really a sleep mode after pressing the power button only shortly and having the orange LED? Power consumption is the same as having Rivo on without having music running…

As just mentioned, I’m satisfied now with being able to shut the Rivo down with pressing the power button for 5 s, so I won’t contact the direct support (I did it before because I’m not able to play DSD directly, cf. also The opposite behavior of the DSD settings - #65 by gkkpch), so everything’s okay.
But thanks for your answer; and commenting to your “unfortunately” :slight_smile: yes, I really like the Rivo, having it as a dedicated streaming transport, and in my opinion it sounds better than my smartphone with the app USB Audio Player Pro, which I used to use before. Also the rare function of using a micro SD card is great with the Rivo.

When you press shortly the power button and enter Sleep mode (Orange LED), the CPU is still running (together with Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth), but all the rest is switched OFF.

Power consumption is sleep mode is below 3W, with WiFi active and no peripherals attached.

We got suggestions for improvements regarding those subjects, and we implemented those new features to make our customers happy. I’m glad that you like them too.

Also the sleep mode was requested by Rivo users, willing to have a faster switch-on time of their device… now it’r reduced to the bare minimum, the device will be in active mode (Blu LED) if you trigger playback of something. We tried to mimic the behavior of a Smartphone, when you press the power button to turn-off the display… the CPU is still active, so you can receive a phone call and turn it on in a fraction of a second, while keeping a low power consumption.

Happy to give feedback, feel free to ask if you look for feedback to specific features. It’s also on my list to suggest several features I’d appreciate, mainly regarding the User Interface (e.g. having album years from metadata in Manifest UI, time display, and being able to choose “go to album” from more views for example).

Hm… I have a linear power supply (from Tomanek, bought via the German distributor of Rivo), Bluetooth switched off, basically only WiFi switched on, Micro SD card inserted and USB Stick as data source attached. I’ve measured each mode each over several hours and have 6.3 W power consumption, no matter whether switched on (blue LED) or put in “sleep” mode (orange LED).
(Maybe it was 0.02 W less in sleep mode, but that’s for sure below measurement uncertainty of my measurement device.)

how are you measuring?

if you’re measuring the power consumption from the input of the Linear Power Supply, the efficiency of the power supply plays also a role.

I did measurements using a Lab power supply conencted directly to Rivo, in sleep mode the consumption was between 1.8W and 2.5W in sleep mode.

I took into account a 90% efficiency of a switching power supply to come up with the statement “less that 3W”, but of course a Linear Power Supply is way less efficient that a switching one

Hi Darmur,
[I hope it’s okay to have this enhanced discussion in this thread, but somehow it’s related to new Volumio version, in connection with Rivo]
I definitely don’t have that sophisticated lab equipment. I have a device which you may translate from German to English as “energy cost measuring device”. It’s put between plug and socket, so using the power supply, and measures power consumption in W and energy consumption in Wh.
Power consumption in W varies, so I measure the energy Wh over several hours and divide it by time.
I did measurements with the delivered switching power supply and I can confirm that in sleep mode it is 2.8 W, below 3 W.
However, also with the same power supply, the power consumption in switched on mode, without any music running or doing anything with the app, is the same according to my measurement device, 2.8 W. And that was the only point I wanted to make, that I cannot measure any difference between switched on and sleep mode. The consumption overall with not even 3 W is for sure small. With my Tomanek linear power supply it’s 6.3 W, a bit more than twice as much, but still small, and as Hifi aficionado I enjoy the better sound with that supply :slight_smile: .

your method for measuring power consumption is perfectly fine, my question was asked to understand the difference between the values I measured (below 3W) with the values you measured (around 6W). We have the answer now, thanks for checking.

I also confirm that the difference is marginal if you compare sleep mode (orange LED) with ON mode (blu LED) with no music playback. The difference will be higher if you start some kind of music playback, because the CPU itself will consume more power.