Version 2.917.....Please Meesta

Is there a supported way of obtaining the last version of Volumio 2?

There appear to be some issues with Volumio 3. I understand there are work arounds for most issues, but the SQ may be poo poo on some systems and the only work around seems to be reinstalling Volumio 2.

It blows my mind that a product that you are asking $70 a year for the privilege of using key features doesn’t offer an archive of at least ONE version back. It would be like MS pretending Windows 10 doesn’t exist anymore coming out with Windows 11.

I found 2.917 as a bit torrent from a 3rd party web site. Is this really our only option?

Didn’t you make a backup or clone of the last version that works for you? Before I upgrade to any new version, I always clone it with ApplePiBaker. This is a macOS little program but I’m pretty sure you can find some similar program on Windows side.

For V3, I am very please with it. No degradation in sound quality (I think the sound is DAC dependable), much quicker response and indexing the music database. It also make the PeppyMeter runs smoother as well. No complain here…

@thisijay sorry but there are 2.x versions still on the site. ( so a torrent you can leave a torrent. )

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Guys, please also look at the post linked in the top banner (and when you create a new post)

There is FAQ entry with the last 2.x links, and some other notes as well…

Please don’t use unknown sources!