Using volumio as a Chrome Cast Receiver

There is an old post, which you can find here β†’ Request for a Chromecast Audio Receiver Plugin
describing a request to have a plugin to enable Volumio as a Chrome Cast Receiver. In a response it was said:

Unfortunately, a Chromecast receiver requires a very specific hardware configuration and requirements which we simply cannot fulfil.

Is this still the case?

I am paying for a volumio premium license. This is a yearly cost (or monthly).
When doing the math, you could buy something like this WiiM Pro and Plus | Versatile Audiophile Streaming: Unleash the Brilliance which should also sound great, has all the same plugins as volumio has, but you can cast to it … like you could with the Chrome Cast Audio. But it’s not open source, I get it … and I do like open source :wink:

So please … could you reconsider the request? What special hardware would we need to get this up and running?


Thanks so much for referencing that closed source solution! I’ve been looking for literally anything that supports AirPlay and chromecast audio

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Want this solution too, in Volumio.


Today I replaced my volumio with the proprietary WiiM Pro Plus. At least this streamer supports Google Chromecast and is less buggy (e.g. playing indiviual songs from my media server never worked Playing songs from media server).
The premium subscription is just too expensive for the features that are provided. I just want a nice user interface that works and maybe play (not rip) a CD every now and than.