Request for a Chromecast Audio Receiver Plugin

I would like to place a request for a Chromecast Audio Receiver plugin for Volumio.
I am using several CCA in my household to receive streams from Spotify and Qobuz. Qobuz has been working on ‘Qobuz Connect’ for several years and it still has not surfaced. So there is no easy way to control a remote player endpoint from the Qobuz Desktop App.
Why am I looking to use the Qobuz Desktop App instead of the ‘native’ Qobuz implementation in Volumio? I have described the issue here:
Volumio does not retrieve all Qobuz track information - Volumio Development / Bug reports - Volumio
Having a Chromecast Audio Receiver plugin in Volumio would solve this issue in a very elegant way
Alternatively if the Qobuz multi level track information display could be implemented in the Volumio Qobuz app …

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We already asked Google several times to achieve this.

Unfortunately, a Chromecast receiver requires a very specific hardware configuration and requirements which we simply cannot fulfil.

On the other hand, we are in touch with QOBUZ to implement their QOBUZ Connect thingy when this will see daylight

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Thanks Michelangelo
Let’s hope the Connect Thingy surfaces soon

Hope that too :wink:


That would be nice indeed :smiley:

Hmm, I got a raspberry pi 4 and volumio to replace a Chromecast Audio because they don’t do gapless playback. It’s a deal breaker for me, but alright for convenience still sometimes (I have it plugged into the optical in, but usually cast from the native apps).

I think the raspberry pi sounds better too. Suppose the only limitation is if you want to play your own music collection but must be another app around.

It’s not a plug in and unsupported, I have been using this for 6 months to broadcast from my Volumio to my 3 Chromecast Audio devices: GitHub - dresdner353/mpd2chromecast: Simple Python script to get MPD-based streaming platforms such as Volumio, moOde to stream audio to a Chromecast device or multi-room group

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Volumio already has this functionality (premium) and works better than the one you linked, since it can send audio for all services and not just mpd

Yep, I now see the OP request was for receiver functionality.

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we are in touch with QOBUZ to implement their QOBUZ Connect thingy when this will see daylight
i hope very soon !!

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