Using Remote with Volumio


Has any body tried using a remote with Volumio. I am planning to buy the below remote to use with Volumio but need some inputs or guide on how to configure this remote or any remote to use with Volumio. Please advise…

I don’t have this remote myself, but you could check the following.

keep in mind that volumio 3 has not yet officially implemented the remote plugin.

these remotes are currently supported.

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Thanks Michel…In case Odroid remote, I see the only one available in Stock in India

Will this be compatible ? Please advise…

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I really don’t know if it will work.
if it doesn’t work with volumio’s infrared list, you could also use your own lirc file … check the link.

remote list that has a lirc file


Sorry Michel I got the remote today but to my surprise I dont even find the plugin on Volumio - IR Remote Configuration…How do I get this option

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if you run volumio 3 then it is not in there yet … I also indicated a post above.

I don’t know how handy you are with linux but you could also install it manually in volumio 3.

check this before you want to manually install infrared module in volumio 3.
please note this has not yet been approved there may still be bugs in it.

darn, my Russian is a bit rusty…