Use Local / Internal HDD or SSD

The ability to add an internal storage for music as a source would be great.
I use and old Nuc with volumio installed on the 4GB emmc, but can’t access the internal SATA SSD, and I don’t want to install volumio on the SSD.
It’s a little bit tricky to mount or create a script to mount automatically the SSD.
Why not in the source menu ?

I believe our newest x86 version (in test) has a different behavior, it should scan your local disk(s) automatically.

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I installed Volumio x86 to my PC, but I don’t see it scans local internal disks automatically. Is there a plugin that needs to be installed, or the plugin needs to be developed?

Is there another version I should try?

In my PC, I have a small SSD for Volumio O/S, and another large 2TB SSD for music. Volumio can only see the O/S SSD.

Thank you.

Try the beta version (3.x). There was a problem with automatically scanning internal disks, and I’m not sure what the current state of play is with this.

Hi chsims1,

Thank you for responding.

I tried Volumiobuster-3.077-2021-05-20-x86_amd64. It does not show the internal SSD as source for music. After boot from USB drive, the latest version does not show both SSDs as target for O/S installation, only 1st SSD, unlike the official version volumio-2.878-2021-04-21-x86 where both SSDs in the PC are shown as target for O/S installation.

I am exploring quick workaround with Linux commands to mount additional internal drive(s).

You will need to mount the drive (someone else is currently struggling with this problem at I am confused about this OS).

I am running the latest Volumio 3 (3.179) on a 64-bit mini-PC. I put the second SSD in fstab, and it is mounting on /mnt/INTERNAL/ssd4tb. The Music folder in there. On restarting Volumio, it still does not see this SSD. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I found a workaround. I mount the SSD in fstab, then add it in samba (/etc/samba/smb.conf). Then add this as a network drive. This isn’t “right”, but it does make the internal SSD available as a music source. Hopefully, the internal drives will be scanned correctly in the near future in Volumio 3, but until then, this approach may be helpful.

make sure you also add it to fstab.tmpl so it might survive OTA updates.

This is an issue which has been discussed internally to do something about, similar to adding a network share. No decision yet. But yes, it definitely needs attention. The current situation is far from perfect.