Unable to install plugins

I am a newbie. Trying to install plugins and I am errored out with " Please Login - To access the plugin store, you need to login to myvolumio" I already logged-in. Subscribed to Premium… What am I missing ??

please open a ssh session and check if the date is correct:

Click on myvolumio and check if your device is activated.

Log off, reboot and login again.

Thank you Wheaten. You are AWESOME!!!

Issues was indeed the date/time, which was off. Synced with my ntp server.

SSH to volumio

stopped ntp services using command “sudo service ntp stop”
synced the time using command “sudo ntpd -gq <my ntp server ip address”
started the ntp services “sudo service ntp start”
checked current date/time “date”
checked ntp status using “ntpq -p”

After syncing/.correcting time…
I am able to browse the plugin store…
My device is also appearing as activated…


Thanks for your feed back, really appreciated!!!

Enjoy your musical tour with Volumio.