TuneIn not available any more, stations missing

still have problems with one of my favorite radio stations: k-love (https://tunein.com/radio/K-LOVE-Radio-893-s33828/)
Cannot find it neither through search nor by browsing countries…
System-version is 2.853


i use Volumio 2.873 with Raspberry.
Can’t found Tunein - Radio Station with this Link:

Thanks !

Hi guys, anyone able to find Cafe Del Mar Official on Tunein Radio?
love that channel
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello Volumio Team,
I am also missing radio “Radio Beat classic rock”
When I search this at TuneIn, the station is found. But not in Volumio. I have the latest version.
Best Regards

BBC Radio One gone too
(and all the other ones, must be a BBC licensing issue).

BBC has closed down their webstreams and want people to use their BBC Sounds app, if you search for BBC here in the community you will find a couple of threads about it.

There is some workarounds, see this post for links that at least for the moment is working.

Thanks I will check it out.

I can still ask Google to ‘play BBC Radio 1 on tunein radio’ and it works.
(Cafe Del Mar - Official on tunein radio is good too).

Was very nice having those channels on the web radio in Volumio though.
Probably not that fussed and wouldn’t listen to it otherwise most of the time, but was good. I still have a Google CCA plugged into the Optical inpub on my DAC, don’t use it often but glad I kept it (and is in my home group).