TuneIn not available any more, stations missing

Hi there,

since TuneIn-Plug is not available anymore, many stations are missing. For example “Dark Bites” or “FlyFlew”…

Without those Volumio has no use for me (I’ve just renewed my virtuoso-plan some days before).

It would be fine, if you’d fix this.


Hi Rüdiger,


I also miss the tunein plugin and some radio stations that are not available now any longer.

@Michelangelo: Why has it been removed ? Are there legal issues ?

Best Regards

Still no reply from the team… Clever way to treat paying customers. I feel sorry for paying again for virtuoso yearly plan some weeks ago.

TUNE in is now integrated directly into Volumio, that’s why we removed as plugin.
Could you let me know how you were accessing the radios that you report as missing? Was it by search or via some submenu?
If you do a search you will get the TuneIn Results. And the voices in webradios are the one there were in Tunein

NOTE: Sometimes we do miss some posts on the forum, so that’s why we don’t reply there. But, as MyVolumio user you’re entitled to get priority support via email channel (just go to customer care page). This is better to ensure we see your request and we can promptly help :wink:

I use “Browse” and enter “dark” for example in the search field upper right to find the station “Dark-Bites”. No results are shown in my case.

I can’t manage to find this station there nor in the other options “by country” and so on.

just tried now. And I get Dark-bites as first result.
I do this way:
go to browse, click webradio, input dark in search .

What are you doing? (asking so I can see what is wrong in volumio.). Also, are you using Volumio3 UI?

I’m doing the same, goto “Browse”, click “Webradio” and entering my station in the search field. Interestingly search finds nothing, no mainstream stations, such as “Bayern 3” nor independent stations as “Dark-Bites”. I did a factory reset before to be sure nothing has been wrong before.

That’s very curious!
Can you do this? Send a log after performing a search:
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

Paste the log and send it via mail to info at volumio dot org

This way I can understan what happens.
Please also in the mail tell me:

  • Where are you from
  • What language youv’e set
  • Which plugins are installed

We will solve it :wink:

I’ve just send the email with the infos.

Thanks for helping

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Thanks for your email, it clarified the situation.
I am writing also here so it can be useful to others.

Your issue is that you use a very old version: simply update to latest version and you’ll have webradio back.

Side note: webradios with old version don’t work anymore, because the webradio database that we were using (dirble) has been shut down. This is why we integrated Tune-In into Volumio (to restore webradios functionalities).

Fine, thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Everything’s ok now…


I have the same problem.

can not find my tunein station s in volumio’s search box.
on both 2.671 and 2.673 it seems same problem.
funny thing is that i actually got it to working for short time. couple days ago.

i feel like the blind dude from robin hood men in tights.

please bring back the tuneinstreams + save/favourite option in volumio. Thank you


It seems to be only the search function that doesn’t show up the wanted radio station.

I did some tests with a favourite radio station from Costa Rica “Radio Dos” on Volumio v2.673

  • it did and still does show up at a search by the original tunein plugin
  • does NOT show up by a search on internet radios
  • but: If you do a search by country it can be picked up there

Search within the tunein plugin:
#radio dos 1.jpg

Search on Internet Radios:
#radio dos 2.jpg

@Michelangelo: Do you think it could be a good idea to reoffer the plugin at the official store as long as the “search issue” is not resolved ?

Best Regards

Also am TuneIn plugin. Am not getting a result for a search of MSNBC Live listing. Any idea of the URL ? I would like to get it back on my list to be able to hear the evening news shows they broadcast.


It’s a bit of a pitty that none of the staff is answering to this reproducable issue that could be fixed so easily by simply reoffering the plugin in the official plugin store.

At least an information like “sorry friends, they don’t want us to use this plugin any longer” would be helpful to understand the situation.

For now - it is possible to install the “old” plugin manually - if you still have it. Then everthing is working as you have been used to in the past.

I also don’t understand why we have to miss so many stations now - maybe legal issues ? Please, Volumio team, tell us.

Thank you


sorry if I misunderstood, but if search your radio station, I get :
I suspect the space in the name
need investigation…

edit : using * instead of space gives a correct result

Hi Balbuze,

Yes the * does the trick :smiley:

All radio stations (that i missed) can be found if using a * instead of a space.

Thank you.

Best Rregards

Interesting! Let me check and if thats the case we’ll add this fix.

PS: Josh, no need for conspiracy theories…

UPDATE: The * character seems to do the trick! Added an auto replace of space with *.

Hi Michelangelo,

:smiley: :smiley: thank you for taking care.

As for now (v2.713) i have still to use a * instead of a space to find what i’m looking for. For my example “Radio*dos” instead of “Radio dos”

But knowing that - i don’t have an issue with it. Anyway it would be nice to have the fix in the next version.

Thank you.

Best Regards

P.S. Too bad the High End in munich is cancelled due to the Corona Virus thing this year - i would have been there to meet you :wink:

It’s nice to have Tunein embedded but i have a Tunein account with my oren presets. It should be nice to get an opportunity to fill in my own username to get my preset back.

Thanks, Ad.

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