Tidal, once again

Once again, a new update (3.569 if you can find it) in order to get what was promised when I first paid for a Premium account over one year ago: trouble-free access to Tidal. Yes, Volumio never promised it would be easy or frustration-free, but I’ve had many fewer issues with FREE software. My expectation was that Volumio works as well as any of the commercial streamers, e.g., BlueOS with the hardware portability.

To those who access Tidal/Tidal Connect through Volumio and it does work flawlessly (i.e., without without having to reboot/power off, refresh SD card, change internal settings, etc.), please help me and Volumio here: provide your step-wise process/parameters to set up Volumio to access Tidal/Tidal Connect.

My own opinion, FWIW, is that Volumio’s developers and support staff are trying hard to make this work, but management lacks focus or interest on developing the OS, it’s is just a lead-in to sell their hardware.


V3.569 is not the release for the Tidal upgrade.

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I guess Volumio is quite dependant on their OS, since it’s also used in their hardware.

@JKinase sorry to hear you’re having all these troubles. 90% of the times they are related to something in your own network.

Here are some tips to get the best experience:

Since you are a premium users, you are entitled to receive support from our customer support specialists.

Just open a support ticket and @DED will help you sort this out by doing a 1:1 troubleshooting session