Tidal native plugin in MyVolumio


I posted this earlier as a continuation of an old discussion in the ‘talks’ section of the forum, but think best to post as new topic:

I’ve just upgraded MyVolumio to the ‘Virtuoso’ subscription, hoping to receive a prompt to install the native ‘Tidal’ plugin download.
There appears to be no change to the structure of Volumio, or pointers to additional plugins.

Any pointers would be gratefully received. Many thanks

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Hi, you will find the place to input your TIDAL login credentials under my music section.

Hi Michelangelo


Brilliant thank you!

Volumio has been a pleasure for me for many months now, but to have Tidal cleanly integrated, is for me the ‘icing on the cake’; i’m now tempted to give Quobuz ago too. Admittedly I was starting to lose faith that it would ever happen, largely due the frustrations of my still limited knowledge understanding code, SSH and all the other ‘hacker’ knowledge!!

Thank you, your team and all the other incredibly knowledgeable people out there for all the hard work so far.


A problem!

I was surprised to see only a handful of albums, counted 50, in my albums view. I have some 500 odd albums in my Tidal collection. Are you aware of the problem? If so, is there a fix, or do I need to alter something at my end?

Many thanks again

Hi Old, so glad to hear that!
About your albums, thanks for the feedback, we will fix it.
You know, we still are in beta with myvolumio, so any feedback you can give us is more than welcome to make it better

Hello again,

By the way I’m loving Tidal on Volumio :slight_smile:

Re beta, I appreciate that it’s in a teething stage and that its not all going to be perfect first time, but I don’t think it’s far away in respect of Tidal.

I have encountered a functionality glitch linked to the options button to the right side of each album/track bar, however i think the problem only seems to occur in the ‘My Music’ section.
When adding an album to the queue in My Music>Albums>A-Z, the request is acknowledged with the message bubble (top right) but the command doesn’t actually initiate i.e. does not add to queue. However, if you open the album to see the track list, the ‘the add to queue’ command does initiate for an individual track, so you can currently queue the album track by track but not album by album!
Obviously this is only an issue if, like me, you want to assemble a queue of albums for an evenings (nights) listening!!

I’ll keep you posted on any further findings over the next few days

Thank you Old, I am glad to tell you that we released a new version that fixes the issue you reported.

Thank you Michelangelo and anyone else involved in the updates. So far seamless and i’m loving it; inspiration to build a better machine, currently RPi, Allo Piano/Katana. Any thoughts on upgrade considerations gratefully received from any of you out there. Cheers. Old

I have an Allo USBridge with v2.411 volumio feeding a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC. I have a Tidal Masters account.
Under ‘My Music’ in volumio, I cannot find where to input my Tidal login credentials.

Could you please provide a clearer explanation for using my Tidal account.

Thanks in anticipation.

OK, so I should have been adding MyVolumio to things.
I’m now a monthly paying Virtuoso subscriber to MyVolumio.

BUT MyVolumio cannot find my Allo USBridge on my network. Volumio and Fing can but not Myvolumio.

Help please.

I am using latest volumio version. When I play any song from Tidal. It shows tidal songs but actually plays songs from my USB drive. Not using any plugins.

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Anyone. How do I open a support request as i paying for the product

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I’m experiencing a problem in seeing all of my tidal playlists in myvolumio.

I have 34 playlists within Tidal, however only 18 are displayed in myvolumio.

I can reorder them by A-Z and Date Added, but A-Z will still not show some playlists beginning with A. Everything looks identical between these playlists within Tidal.

Is there an obvious fix or is this a known bug?

Now we know it! Thanks for the feedback

Hi MichelAngelo,

Thank you for beimng always present.

I just signed for Myvolumio Virtuoso, payed for it, but can’t find any Tidal link in My music menu.

So please solve it quick, you are earning in advance…

Having said this as a consumer, must say I’m very impressed with quality against a M2Tech USB system, in my High end Harbeth M40 with a Lyngdorf Millenium 3 amplifier - never had better .digital transport! I know some time near in the future I will have to try the Allo Digione signature.

Keep doing it please, and fix the menu Tidal absence please.


Dear João,
thanks for the feedbacks, glad you love it.

Coming to your problem, please do this:

  • Check you’re using the latest myvolumio image (see volumio-101-get-started-here-t10224.html)
  • Navigate to your PI’s UI (by entering the PI address in your browser)
  • From there, login into my volumio (click on cog wheel and you’ll see the myvolumio entries
  • Once logged in, go to profile and check your device is added to the list of devices, is on and there is a play button near it.
  • If all the above is ok, go to my music and you’ll find the tidal menu.

Let me know

Thanks Michelangelo!

It was the version of Volumio. I was convinced to have the Beta one, but had the latest from 7 September.

Now I must retract for what I said. You are being paid for your service, not in advance.

Thank you so much for everything!!


Great to hear!

Last post removed because it promotes illegal operation

Easy and beautiful setup of volume and Tidal :smiley: but no search function on Tidal ?

Sorry to be asking, but is there any plan to include search function in Tidal anytime in the future, it would be highly appriciated.

Hi Michelangelo

I’ve not used my Volumio setup for a few weeks until last night. I clicked on Tidal and the home page shows but when I click on ‘my music’ nothing shows.
I logged out of Virtuoso and back in again , but to no avail.
I switched between to Volumio players, just to be sure!
I checked for Volumio update and did so to 2.526, but still nothing!

Any ideas?
If so, they would be gratefully received
Many thanks